Best Review - Top 3 Mobile App Development Agencies in Denmark


hese mobile app developers are all well known and build solid, functional apps that are converting.
There's no particular statistics involved, but we've used Google Search in Local area as well as tested some of the different frameworks, and mobile apps these companies have developed.

Over time we will possibly expand this top3 list to include 10 or more companies, but for now we have only done extensive research on these 3 agencies.

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Nodes Agency

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Taking the #1 spot, Nodes have been developing high quality, awesome apps since 2009, and have worked with some of the largest businesses in Denmark, and even the world, such as Lego, Samsung, BMW, Carlsberg, Unilever and more than one thousand others.

They've been on the forefront of app technology, and are sponsoring several app frameworks for Android and iOS, and hosting events, driving GitHub contributions and in general earning their spot not just because of the apps they create, but equally important is that they share their inventions with the open-source community.

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This is an independent app development business, largely comprised of highly talented individuals, all dedicated to developing the most awesome apps out there. By way of sales and app store releases, they are not particularly known, but we like what little they have created, and wish them all the best with their future projects!

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Not only does this company develop apps themselves, they also teach others how to create, build and manage mobile software. They've made some great examples of this for free, and since we love open-source, they've earned their spot on this list!

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All in all, it's clear that for serious enterprises, businesses and organizations, Nodes is the #1 developer in Denmark, earning a top spot in our other top list; Top 10 app developers in EU. However, they are not exactly the cheapest of the listed businesses, so if you have a tiny budget, maybe try out some of the other companies first.

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