Best Review - Top 3 Methods to Import MBOX in Thunderbird


ozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular email application used by millions of users each day. Major reason behind this is the availability of a wide variety of features free of cost.
There comes many scenarios in which users have a need to import MBOX in Thunderbird. Considering the fact that Thunderbird itself saves its data in MBOX file format, this should be a seamless operation. But unfortunately its not! There are various concerns associated with this task. The primary one being loss of valuable data. Broken images, empty folders, disrupted content, lost attachments and in some cases even corruption of MBOX files are other threats constantly looming this procedure.
Thats why after going through extensive research and conducting several surveys, we have listed here the topmost methods using which you can import MBOX in Thunderbird without a second thought.

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Thunderbird Import Wizard

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Cherry on the Cake- thats what this incredible software solution is. An effective way to tackle the most basic of tasks without hiccups of any sort. Want to import MBOX in Thunderbird smoothly? No problem, 3 steps is all you require: Add MBOX, apply features, and import. That's it. All done. It looks so basic then why it is at the top of the list? Because this 3 step solution provides you with incredibly accurate results in no time. Every bit of data is preserved – the software ranks data originality with utmost importance. No altered content, no broken images, no missing headers, only accurate and timely import process.

Top 2

Add MBOX to Thunderbird

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Even if its not the cherry, no one can replace it as the creamy layer of the cake. PCVITA provides a dedicated platform to add MBOX file in Thunderbird account. Its inbuilt mechanism to directly import MBOX to Thunderbird profile is the main attraction. Also, this software makes sure that both the emails and attachments are preserved after process completion. It doesn't matter what is the origin of MBOX files. Be it the .mbox file of Mac Mail, mailbox of Thunderbird or a Google takeout MBOX file, this software supports them all.

Top 3

ImportExportTools to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird

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Thunderbird has a variety of add-ons which adds to its functionality. ImportExportTools is one such extension. What gives it a certain push to be considered in the top 3 is the fact that it is available for free. It gives you a built-in tool to import MBOX in Thunderbird application. Unlike the previous two applications, it is not feasible for importing large MBOX file, or a large number of MBOX files. But nevertheless, it is equally competent when trying to import MBOX of small size in Thunderbird.

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