Best Review - Top 3 Methods to Backup Gmail Mailbox


mail is an Email client that, in the present time all are using for their personal and business mailings. Gmail provides cloud storage of 15 GB free to all its users. But for different reasons of the users they need their data in Gmail to be backed up. One main reason noted is that Gmail is an online source, thus our data is also on the cloud which could be lost or any other modifications could be held on the data. Thus to avoid this kind of risks, its recommended to backup your data to a local drive or to some other Email client.
Gmail mailbox is backed up mainly through three methods, say manually backup, a tool based backup or linking the Gmail client with other Email Clients.

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Best Gmail Backup Software

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With SysTools Gmail Backup Tool, the list starts always from the best. With the last update the tool has increased with features which deduce the time in backing up the data in Gmail mailbox. Also the Date Range filter that makes the tool to backup specific mailbox items respective to all the data in the mailbox. The software also provides a feature of deletion of data after the backup of data is completed and is named as “Delete after Download” that archives the data in the Gmail mailbox. The full status of the backup is shown in the on the window screen with the backup process in going on.

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Manual Method to Backup Gmail

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While backing up through manual method, there are some criteria that are needed to be full filled, like the IMAP needs to enabled, Turn on usage of less secure apps, etc. After completing this tasks successfully, then the backup process is started. This method is a simple process method, no technical knowledge required to backup Gmail data manually. User need to set the delivery method in which the backup is retrieved to you. The time elapsed for the backup of data is not known but the time increases with increased emails to backup.

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Sync Gmail to Outlook

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Gmail has another way to get its data safe by linking it to other Email clients. Outlook is recommended here as outlook can configure many Email clients to it and also support bulk mail backup. This syncing process is a bit lengthy and the process must be done without mistakes, as a small mistake might lead to restart of the whole configuration process again. This process is recommended for technical persons and non-tech may not be successful with this procedure to sync gmail to other Email client. As the syncing is completed both the email clients can show the mails in Gmail and thus the backup of Gmail mails become easier and the files get backed up in PST files without distracting the data structure hierarchy of the Gmail folders.

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