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emorial day is very essential to most Americans. Memorial day brings the past as the topic for new discussion. So here are top 3 Memorial day stories worth to read. Bring back the past to your Memorial day forums and meetings.

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The war in Afghanistan was caused by the occurrence of 9/11 which took a lot of lives and destroyed one of the symbols of American capitalism, and since it is known to be the stronghold of the Taliban which is connected to Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorist group. It does prompt the question is it really necessary to invade another country given the possible implications of such a war?

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Aftermath of World War I

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World War I was one of the most gruesome war that happened in Europe and some other parts of the world. The war took many lives and uses any form of weaponry to win superiority in the war. Now what happen when the war ends, thus it give peace to those countries involved in the war? What treaties were introduced?

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The American Revolution: Causes and Effects

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The discovery of the Americas, the two continents, was no less than the discovery of gold! This was at a time when industrialization was directed towards revenue commitment and profit. The need for new markets and lands to provide raw materials was at the apex of all interactions, especially in the case of European powers like the British and the French. This new and heady power game was responsible for the British landing on American soil and establishing thirteen colonies. And, similar to the strategies followed in the other colonies, here too they governed in the name of the crown and imposed rules, regulations and taxes - the factors that led to the American Revolution.

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