Best Review - Top 3 Meditation Techniques for Instant Relaxation, Anxiety and Stress Relief


hree particular practices have proven useful to the author, resulting in the mollification of various forms of stress and anxiety, a healthier sense of self-esteem, and the riddance of superfluousness in various forms.

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Mist meditation

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Evanesce. My favorite word, and an encapsulation of the goals of mist meditation. Existing in a variety of forms, as its name suggests, mist meditation is a visualization technique designed to engender a sense of lightness, an effervescence, a state that is purposefully insubstantial. Explicit visualizations exist. For example, one might envision being enveloped in light golden healing mist or imaginatively seat oneself at the base of a picturesque waterfall, amidst a sublime ensuing haze. I have always found particularly useful though, the employment of a consciously ephemeral, pseudo-physiological sensation, in which the goal is to create the ever so wonderful delusion of becoming a form of mist.
Step 1. Seat yourself in the most comfortable position you can

Step 2. Close your eyes and relax as you breathe gently in and out

Step 3. While you are breathing, imagine your head to be, rather than a solid object, a collection of airy atoms held together only by your day to day determination to excel and be in control of life.

Step 4. Continue to imagine your head as light, and floating.

Step 5. With each exhalation, feel the mist-like atoms of your head, escaping their confines, and allow them to drift outward.

Step 6. Continue this for as long as you wish, feeling a sense of "letting go"

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Chi Ball Creation Meditation

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This technique harks from a time in my adolescence and early adult years in which I practiced a variety of martial arts. Based on the Chinese belief in the essential life-force or energy known as "chi," this adaptation of particular elements of tai chi chuan is a wonderful "hands on" meditation that is both a cleansing, refreshing experience and a way to gently subvert the stressors in our life.
Step 1) Sit forward and upright in a comfortable chair (preferably one without armrests) without leaning back into it.

Step 2) Cup your hands together, imagining you are holding a small ball, for example a baseball.

Step 3) Move your hands around the ball

Step 4) Imagine now, that the ball is very lightweight, like a strong bubble

Step 5) As you move your hands around the bubble, allow it too expand while you continue to "sculpt" a perfect sphere.

Step 6) Feel the perfect symmetry of the ball.

Step 7) Relax your breathing as you continue to move your hands around and sculpt your perfect, expanding sphere. Take a few minutes to enjoy the perfect lightweight sphere you are creating. Allow it to expand until its diameter is just slightly wider than shoulder width. Imagine the ball is now full of beautiful, crystal clear, refreshing energy.

Step 8) Finally, when you are ready, tilt you chin slightly upward, and if you haven’t already, close your eyes. "Throw the ball up and above your head, and as it comes down, allow it to "break" over your head, gently bursting open, washing and cleansing you, reawakening your senses.

This is a wonderfully easy, quick way to take a time out and recharge your batteries.

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Zazen Meditation

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Step 1) Sit comfortably with the back straight, shoulders relaxed and chin tilted down ever so slightly inward towards the chest.

Step 2) With eyes closed yet relaxed, begin to breath gently and consistently, focusing your attention on each inhalation and exhalation.

Step 3) When you are ready, breathe in, and at the top of the inhalation moderately tense your abdominal muscles, and hold the tension while breathing out.

Step 4) When you reach the natural end of your exhalation, the tensing of the abdominals will allow you to expel more air than you would normally.

Expel more air for a few seconds (this will feel uncomfortable, but as you progress with the technique, the obvious value will counter this mild feeling of discomfort)

Step 5) As this will feel uncomfortable, allow for a few subsequent quick breaths to be breathed (you will feel the urge to breathe quickly, fight this, and instead, allow yourself a few slightly faster, light, but gentle breaths to "rebalance" your breathing.)

Step 6) When you feel "rebalanced" repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. Each time you do this sequence, you should find that your breathing becomes significantly lighter, until you feel you have virtually stopped breathing.

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