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reative agencies, media agencies, PR agencies, "general" agencies. All have faced significant technology disruption in the form of shifting consumer behaviors, disintermediation by vendors, and relentless waves of "marketing tech" requiring evaluation and training.
To understand the changes afoot in marketing services business models, we asked a number of senior execs who should know to answer the question

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The Lies Told to Insurance Agents

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When you have been involved in the Insurance game as long as I have you come across some pretty disturbing practices done by a few (not many) of the companies that represent insurance products.

This is not to say that everyone is out to take advantage of someone. Far from it. I think the reason a lot of abuse happens to agents is that companies and managers fail to understand the person they have just contracted to work for them.

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How To Sell Final Expense: Should Agents Follow A Script?

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There are a couple of different perspectives in how to sell final expense; should your presentation be canned, word-for-word, following a specially designed script? Or should you follow a final expense sales process that is more open-ended, and not so scripted?

The truth is this: if any method is validated by real-world results, it is probably going to work for the agent that gets to work and puts that method into practice. What matters most is to lock into a system that has historical proof of working, and works for your personality.

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How to Sell Final Expense - Why Agents Fail In the Final Expense Business

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The reason agents fail learning how to sell final expense is fairly simple. The unfortunate reality of sales, no matter the industry, is that 90% of all sales people fail or quit within the first 12 months of starting their sales profession. Why is that the case?

The number one the reason agents fail selling final expense is because they give up on themselves.

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