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y Affordable Pup reviews are sincerely the best because they did a wonderful job in providing me the best puppy ever! I always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and my sister had a nice experience with Affordable Pup, so I decided to buy from them. Wilson is full of happiness, sweet, funny and I am glad that I made this decision.
When I went to pick the puppy up, I was very welcomed by the team at Affordable Pup. I made my choice very quickly, because I saw Wilson who made me fall in love with him since the first moment I saw him. Great moment which I will never forget! Everything is clean at Affordable Pup, the puppies are raised in the best conditions. I never saw such a big care and love for the puppies someone sells. I was asked a lot of questions about my family, the environment in which I will raise the puppies and many others. They even ask me if I have small children and if they know how to handle a little puppy.
Not to mention that Wilson came with many information and resources. I remember that in the first week with my puppy at home, I called them because my puppy seemed to me a little scared. They told me not to worry because maybe he is just adapting. And they were right. After he got used to us and to his new home, he became full of energy and happiness. One employee from Affordable Pup even called me after a few days to ask me if the puppy is ok and if he is adjusting well. I am glad that I bought from them, I have excellent Affordable Pup reviews. The customer service is out of this world, I’ve never met such wonderful people. The owner is a great person and is happy to help with any questions that you have. The purchase was a quick and easy transaction. I can never thank Affordable Pup enough for this beautiful, healthy baby.
If you are looking for the perfect puppy, Affordable Pup is definitely the place. They made phone calls for check ups, they gave you information about the puppy’s parents and let you meet the mother if you want, they gave you medications even if it is not necessary. I would not be this happy today if I had not come cross this site. So everything was great, including the staff, which was very nice and helpful. Totally impressed with the cleanliness and how well the puppies were cared for. Be sure that I will return soon for a new puppy!

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Affordable pup reviews

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy adopted from Affordable pup is amazing!

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Affordable pup reviews

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy adopted from Affordable pup is amazing!

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Affordable pup reviews

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Affordable pup reviews

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The drive to their facility was so worth it! I have the best Affordable Pup reviews not only because they gave me a wonderful puppy, but also because they filled me with the confidence that I am raising my dog in the right way.

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