Best Review - Top 3 Latest Teenage Stress Management Study Findings

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Teenage stress management is a very important topic since if teen stress if not well managed, it can be a source of stress to their parents, siblings, teaches, school mates and the society at large as the teenagers engage in anti-social behavior. Therefore, studies are continually being done on who teenagers manage stress and these findings are from one done by Gustavo Carlo, the Millsap Professor of Diversity in the Missouri University Department of Human Development and Family Studies Buy Teenage Stress Management from Amazon Emotionally mature teens cope with stress constructively These teens use a problem solving approach similar to what most mature adults do. Emotionally unstable youths tend to cope with stress destructively These teens tend to use emotional coping techniques like avoidance much like what many babies do. Emotionally mature youths cope with stress in socially acceptable ways These youths are more likely to engage in socially acceptable behaviors such as giving their money and time while the others are more likely to get aggressive.
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