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Cultivate children's gardening benefits

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Cultivate children's gardening benefits
Today,children have little chance to get close to nature in city, they live in the cement forest, and the feelings of animals and plants are very alienated. It's benefit to let the children feel the charm of nature.
However, how to create a natural atmosphere in a limited environment? Spend a lot of time to accompany the children in the holidays,play outside the suburbs, buy some flowers, and let the children personally plant and take care of them. For that, the children will harvest a lot of things.

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Learn about the knowledge of plants

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It's a very interesting thing to put a black seeds in the soil, wait a few days,and then ,we will see green plants drilling out.In this scene, children is full of curiosity,and we can take advantage of this opportunity to teach them how to plant flower and explain parts of flower. Undoubtedly,it's a great experience.Children love to move the small leaves with their little fingers,feel mysterious from the stretching of the plants ;understand the difference between plants from cactus motionless;wait for the rose in bloom......The secret of life plants the seeds of knowledge in the heart of children ,and the child's observation is increasing subtly.

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Cultivate a sense of responsibility

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Children need responsibility to take care of the plants. If forget watering,the flower will weaken. So, remind the child that they must watere every day. Changes of the child's interest is relatively large, sometimes happy, continuous stay long on the edge of the basin, sometimes play something else, forget the flowers. When the child forgot watering the flowers,let the "horror" refers to the children, of course he will love it, then remember.

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