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f you write content on Internet blog or other content sites, you should understand that links to your work will improve performance. Search engines examine the number, and type, of links that point to articles, pages or posts that you publish. These links can be established on any web site but only those that are "DoFollow" are beneficial, as far as search engines are concerned. Such links are actually ones which do not contain the directive "NoFollow", but are called "DoFollow" sites in the content publishing world.

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Infobarrel Content Management Revenue Sharing Site

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Infobarrel is a great "DoFollow" content site. Member authors establish their own portfolio of published articles on virtually any topic. Their own Google Adsense advertiser identification code is used to display ads up to 90% of the time to article viewers. Because the site is primarily displaying ads from the Google Content Network, the rules of that program apply. These are easy to obey: no hate, gambling or other adult themed work is permitted.

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Squidoo Content Management Revenue Sharing Site

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Squidoo is another "DoFollow" content management site. This site uses its own revenue sharing method that pays members for their articles on a monthly basis. While they do not use a member's Google Adsense identification code directly, they do still require articles to adhere to that program's rules. Again, no inflammatory or adult content is permitted.

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Bubblews Content Management Revenue Sharing Site

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This new content site allows quick "DoFollow" links on short posts or articles. It also shares revenue with members. This is provided based on the number of viewers to content on the site. The site allows each member to follow others so informative messages are provided when anyone publishes new content. This way, a logged in member can easily view other content. In turn, those members will often view your content. Each view of an item counts, in a small way, towards monthly revenue. As well, traffic to your other articles is boosted through the "DoFollow" links.

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When writing content on the Internet, you should provide links to your work from other web sites. Those that offer "DoFollow" links are best. Of these, many offer revenue earning options for members. The process of creating such links from site to site is a basic "Search Engine Optimization", or "SEO", strategy. Search engines such as Google, find the links, travel them and rank the target content somewhat higher as a result. As well, viewers often traverse the links which tends to improve article performance as well. While ordinary "NoFollow" links can also be established at web sites such as Twitter, the "DoFollow" links are of more value when "SEO" is desired.

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