Best Review - Top 3 Hubs About Celebrity Birthdays

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I started this "Famous People Born on..." series a while back, and it was just so much fun, I decided to keep going with it. These are my top three hubs so far. I hope you've enjoyed reading these as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Keep looking for more in the future! Five Famous People Born on Easter The bunnies, the baskets, the chocolate, and don't forget the Peeps! Too bad moms in delivery can't enjoy all the sweet treats of Easter while they're in labor. And all the moms of the celebrities in this hub were in labor on Easter Sundays past. Five Famous People Born on March 5 Since I began this "Five Famous People Born on ..." series for Valentine's Day, it seemed only natural to include a hub about five famous people who were born on the same day I was - March 5. Here goes ... Five Famous People Born on March 17 People who were born on March 17 can celebrate by watching parades and can drink green-dyed beer with their birthday cake. So, who are some famous people who were born on this day?
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