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MART MOBILE PHONE has become an addiction rather than just a connecting device.. Do you know how to stay away from your cell phone + benefits of using your phone as less as possible + disadvantages of using it more every time, all the time..

LIVE EXAMPLE is that while you are reading these words right now, you must be having your cell phone around or handy, or may be you are reading my words over your mobile phone only right now, right : ), or you must have checked your cell phone today very frequently or will be using your most valuable time on your cell.. most probably chances are almost 75 % high.

Today, in fact, we think that we are using mobile phones, but NO, it is rightly wrong. We are not using cell phone, but these little device are using us, our time and our life. They are operating and controlling our minds. They are keeping tab on even silly things of our life, routine, food habits, general schedule, hobbies, friends, family and even what we think too.. They know everything about us more that what we know about us.

Mobile Phone is just 15 years old phenomena, if we take years 2003 to 2006 as the base years since its revolution on high scale, but it has taken over the whole attention and mind of almost each and every human being on earth. It was like a status symbol in those years, but today we can see mobile phone with each and everyone, from poorest to richest person in the world. Not only this, some people use 2 to 4 numbers and mobile phones at a time because of their personal uses and reasons. In all, it has become very very important these days for us to have a mobile phone at any cost, and we think that if we won’t have mobile phone, world will stop in just a second… This has become very common mentality of us today. It is like we can stay without food for long, but can not stay away from mobile phone for even short time also.

Nearly more than 70% of adults world wide are using mobile phone these days.

We were used to live in peaceful mindset before the mobile era, and in those days we never ever imagines that one day this little instrument will take over our mind, thinking, attention and lots of time, and relation of course. Today no one has time to talk face to face even with family or friends, but yes the same people can chat with unknown friends for hours on internet or cell phone, resulting in drawing a gap between relations and peace.

​There are lots and lots of DISADVANTAGES we are unknowingly inviting to our life by excessive use of mobile phone these days, like;

We have forgotten that we have a sharp mind, and we are not using it for silly things like calculations, alarms, notes, remembrance or reminders, remembering addresses or even phone numbers too. If some fine morning, we have misplaced our cell somewhere and we have to call our own Mother also from landline, we comes to feel that we even do not remember her number also if we have to call her or she want to call us for help even in emergency.

As per recent study, a college student worldwide are using on an average 10 hours per day on mobile phone or at least they spending 6 hours for nothing. It os affecting their study and concentration while doing study or preparation. And just because of the same, they feel tensed and worrysome especially during exam times, because they spent and wasted their whole year study time by using mobile for nothing and exactly before exam time, they have to prepare themselves in very short time.

A recent study shows that almost 60% people who have smart phones cannot resist or control themselves and at least check their screen at least once every 90 seconds while they are not super busy. It created impatient-ness in their mind for even little silly things in life and they lost their capacity to control mind, attention and concentration.

It is believed that when our phone beeps or rings all of a sudden, its hits very high on our mind chemicals while our mind id in peaceful mode, and it highly damage our brain chemicals and gradually it will be highly affected with time, and later on one feels tiredness, frequent headache, tendency to forget, sleep damage, etc.

81% mobile users have accepted that they are addicted to smart phones and this habit have left high effect on their mind, body, behavior, thinking process, concentration and relations as well.

The mobile habit have become so much dangerous issue that many places worldwide we will see doctors who will be specialists on how to get rid of your mobile phone and how to leave peaceful life : )

A British survey revealed that back problems have risen rapidly in young aged population who have been excessively using smart phones over the years, and this ratio have rose 20% faster in recent years. This will seems non related to back pain that how come anyone can hardly hit on their spine or back by using just a little cell phone, but the study behind that teaches with the valid reason that while you use your cell phone, typing and texting adds up to approx 50 to 60 pounds (depending on your texting angle and style) of pressure on our spine through via fingers and its bones.

When you spend lots of time over cell phone, you become more anxious and eager fro updates and responses. Example while you use Facebook, you expect lots of feed updates and demos from your friends and you keep waiting for more and you keep waiting and waiting and spend lots of time on updates and all, but at the same time you unknowingly inviting anxiety and depression while expecting live updates from your friends whom you even do not know properly and it worry some your mind that when it will get to see more from them and you are inviting this habit over your mind and at the cost of your peace.

Life is to love fully right, but while you spend your every second of life on mobile phone, at the same time you are missing other lovely moments of your life, like spending your time with your loved ones, to play with your child, to laugh with your friends, to gain more knowledge by some other things, to eat your favorite food, or to stay with your parents, etc. They will never come again and again.

If you have smart phone, means you are working 24 hours. Yes this is unbelievable true fact which you do not know only. While at the bed time when you are just about to take rest and your cell phones beeps with push notifications, and but obviously you won’t resist to check your screen. You have got email or message and hence you have got some task in mind. It means at the time of watching sweet dreams at peaceful night, your mind is busy thinking how you will finish this new task tomorrow in day time. Means you have lost peace of mind in bed time also and it is still working and worry some.

Sometimes you feel your phone is ringing or beeping, but actually it is not.. so excessive use of your beloved cell phone hammers your mind every time to keep alert, but unknowingly you are forcing your peaceful mind to keep awake all the time in expectation to have a timely and frequently check your screen even if there is nothing important to happen or wait for. And it results in over stressing your mind for nothing actually.

In giving so much time (actually wasting time) to cell phones, you are missing regular exercise also. Exercise are not only for physical body, but it is for healthy mind also. When you do not give time for yourself only and most importantly for your fitness, it reflects on your mind, behavior and mental status also. In addition to that, you give lots of time to your smart phone to lost in those virtual world which actually do not exists only, and it takes lots of efforts for your mind to come in to real world and situations, and it takes lots of work from your mind which results to over stress and weaker mind and thinking process as well. Which leads to frustrations amidst your digital virtual world as well and in real world also, which meets failure in work and targets, which again leads to competitive weakness and frustration at peak.

The more time you spend with your smart phone, the less time you get to sleep which result in more hard work for your mind and finally it becomes tired to function well at the right time when you need that. As per latest study, overall almost 60% people use smart phones before going to bed or while in bed and they lost in sleep using smart phone only and as soon as they wake up, they again check smart phones at least for 10 minutes. When you wake up, your min need to settle and it need to prepare itself to start functioning. But as soon as you wake up and you check smart phone and build task according to your cell phone, it forces your peaceful mind to work promptly. It forces mind and body chemicals to initiate thinking etc very fast, which finally hurts tissues and affects the rest which is really needed by your mind.

Bacteria is not only found only on toilet seat, they are also there on your smart phone screen also. You do not keep cleaning your cell all the time, and you sometimes touch your cell with your hand or your body parts too while operating or keeping aside or taking it in hand.

In older days, people used to stay happy for life, why.. because they were multitasking at that time too but they were dong things one by one. But in this smart phone era, we are being used to do multiple tasks at a time. This we have learnt from our multitasking smart phone only. And when you do multiple work at a time, mind needs full and extra concentration and hard work as well, which again snatches the peace of mind and affects to functional capacity too which leads in frustration day by day and create panic which again results in failure some times.

We use smart phones or simple phones to get connected to society as a whole no matter what is the distance, but in actuality it is disconnecting us from the world and from our owns. You must have marked that when you keep your smart phones aside and discuss something with someone, it becomes meaningful and worthy which you can not make it possible via discussing over cell phone or table or typing or by PC at all. There are emotions and understanding while you are face to face, but on cell phone it lacks fully.

​Continuous use of smart phone and main importantly typing created unknown havoc within our muscle and bones. When you keep typing, finger bones, muscles and brain needs to do do more hard work, forcefully, which results in inflammation type feel, cramping, pain in your wrists within body and surrounding related muscles which you must have felt while using phones.

You must have seen many accidents cause by using cell phone while driving. Than too we all use it while driving and put our life in danger. There is a valid reason why in all countries there is the ban on using phones while driving, that is because when you use your cell phone, it grabs almost 42% of your attention in your talks while only 58% of the mind can concentrate on driving the vehicle, and when you can not put your 100% mind in driving, accident is bound to happen. You are not only being a reason to keep your life at stake, but you are harming others also who are driving safely and walking or so around your vehicle.

Cell phones are the main reason which affects the retina of your beautiful eyes. Myopia is the example which is the outcome of excessive use of mobile phones all the time.

Many people listen music on cell phone and keep the volume tab to full, which again create issues to inner ear layers and it send more than required sound volume to brain and hurts brain nerves at large levels. It may also cause to deafness.


Few years ago, ‘The World Unplugged’ took survey of 1000s of people and asked them to stay totally away from their mobile phones and any kind of screen like PC or laptops, and almost 80% out of those people felt that they are wasting their fast like without using their smart phones (actually they were wasting their time of valuable life time by using smart phones), and they felt that night and day became so long for them without their phones. They were like confused and panicked persons suddenly and felt that life is just a zero without their phones.

After using mobile phone’s keypad continuously, try to be relax and massage your wrist and fingers and hand properly, which will make you feel relaxed and you will understand the pain you felt while using your beloved smart phone.

To keep your eyes safe, make a strict rule to check your smart phone only after some time interval only, no matter how important the work is after you come home. Which will give time to your eyes and mind to relax and to function with freshness.

Do not use full volume while you listen music on your cell phone via headphones. Keep it to neutral at least which won’t affect the brain system with loud voice and it will also helps it to relax with soft music.

Try not to carry your mobile while you are going to bed, just keep it at safe distance and do not view your screen for long even if you sue for urgent work. It will give some rest to your tired eyes and you will be able to rest properly till morning.

Many people use mobile phone as for setting alarm clock also, but in fact they are making fool to self, and by that reason they want to keep their mobile near their pillow and after that by making themselves fool again, they take mobile phone while it beeps and start spending long hours till late in bed.. So to get rid of this, use real alarm clock, and not the mobile phone.

Whatever you think while you are having food, it goes to your mind and soul. So if you are using mobile while eating, you are sending lots of tensions and confusions to your mind, body and soul via those tensed and worry some, tankful thought which comes naturally by using phone that time. So you are not giving peace and rest to your body even while eating and keeping them busy to keep thinking while you eat, and it harms your inner system as well. So just keep your cell away at least while you having food.

When it is not important at all and while you are back to home, just switch off your cell or at least keep your notifications in off mode, so it won’t keep beeping to catch your attention while you are eating or spending time with your loved once in family.

These days there are lakhs of unnecessary apps in market and you hardly need max to max 20 to 25 apps depending on your work or business style. So just do not install or uninstall those apps which you do not really needs. So overall you will save your time and can give that time to your family or at least to yourself.

Just focus on your work or family or meeting or task or whatever you are doing at a time, rather than keep checking your cell. It will improve your concentration on completing those targets and you will be able to make it on right time.

If you do not want your cell say for few hours, at least keep them on airplane mode.

Keep track of your time which you spend on your cell phone. On an average one should give only 1.30 to 2 hours per day to phone in these much busy world, but these days we are giving almost more than 5 hours to cell, which is very dangerous, and some people or kids spending more than 7 to 8 hours on cell phone, which is unseen danger coming the way. So keep track and fix your time table and use max to max 2 hours on cell in normal conditions.

The last and best way is to keep your cell off only when not in need.

Try to keep yourself busy in other things like playing football or cricket or playing a piano, go for a date or coffee,, or do the things you like rather than finding it in virtual world on your phone.

Ask your friends for a coffee meet or face to dace meeting rather than just doing chit chat on your phone. It will strengthen your friendships and relationship will grow more.


PEACE OF MIND..This is the he most and very important benefit you will feel by staying away from your smart phone.

If you off your cell, you will get to sleep more silently and peacefully, so that you will feel free from tension and anxiety, that makes your body relax properly and you will wake up afresh and will be able to work with power whole day, your face will glow and you will feel happy happy.

You will no more feel distraction and interruption at work or while driving your car, which will automatically help your body and your ass to your safety as well.

You will be able to come out of your virtual world and will get to more time to socialize with your real world and real friends and your family’s love ones.

Your family will also notice this positive change in you and when you are happy, they too will feel happy. Your kids will feel they are living life with their father now.

You will be able to enjoy your life better and you will feel its colorful than you thought in your virtual world.

You will feel safe and secure with your family and real friends as you will feel you are not far from there when you meet them actually.

Try this, your brain will work more efficiently and smart fully then your smart phone while you d not use cell phones again and again.

Your back problem, headache, tensions, task issues and all health and body related issues will vanish automatically and you will feel ever young and afresh all the time.

Rather than wasting your value time in smart phone and stupid things, you will be spending it on creative things and family.

If you are a student, you will concentrate on study and in your class more rather than getting disturbed by cell phone earlier. And finally you will be able to score better marks ever, and by the time comes, you will be able to achieve our goals in life on time.

No matter How much and whatever I advice to stay away from your cell, it totally in your control to follow it. But as a society as a whole, we have to save our future and future of our family and kids by using mobile phone as only a connecting device, and not like breathing system.

Hope this article proved helpful for you, please share this to your contacts if you liked it.

I will come up with more interesting articles very soon.



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What if you want to get into stock market but hardly know anything about stock market trading and other things about it

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That old dialogue or saying is : You can come in easily, but ca not get out that easy with profits. Same rules applies here in relation to stepping into stock market as well. You can open account, and get into stock market business or trading very easily and start trading, but it os not that easy to keep earning ONLY daily and to get out or to keep earning consistently.

Actually they see charts and see fundamentals and all, but in fact there is not such formula which you can have to earn and earn only in stock market. Its is about right trade at right time at right price. And really its that is it.

But yes, if you apply one sure shot formula, you can stay in market for long and that is called patient. If you have this and little more study with this, you can emerges as the sure shot winner in long or short term.

I also have mentioned few helping points over this topic on my other blog HOW TO EARN IN STOCK MARKET IN ANY BAD OR GOOD CONDITIONS on this same website. You can have a look on that too. There you will find lots of advice and point on how to earn in stock market by plaing very safe, how you can be a good investor for life, doing with different segments like Future & Options and various strategies, how much and when to invest and when to get out, how to keep churning your portfolio, and when exactly to trade on news, how many ideal stocks you should have in your portfolio at a time, lots of research with study and much more you can find there on that page. A to Z advice is there. Just visit if you like .

Than too few point I would like to advice to improve your knowledge for stock market and to be safe and keep earning always.

Join stock market only after you complete study if you are a student or pursuing any degree.

If you are a student for example, and if you are doing a bit also in stock market, you won’t be able to concentrate on study, just because stock market is like very attractive thing and you will always keep watching rates and news, and during market hours you will constantly into that, and so you wob’t be able to study well in between the lines.

Secondly, if you are not student than too do not depend only on stock market fro your bread and butter unless you are a stock broker yourself and that is your serious business. If you have other stable business, you can make it both and you won’t be worries if your trades do not go well and if you do not earn as well. If you would have spare money and spare business, you will easily be able to cope up the expenses for you and family.

Once you are in market, you will gradually won’t be valuing Money like before. For example, ig you have to go waling somewhere which his hardly 500 meter away, than too you will hire a cab and will pay for that thinking that you will earn that little looking amount in a fraction of second tomorrow in stock market. Earlier you used to walk and respect Money, now it has become secondary for you.

Next, invest only extra money that you have in stock market. If you lose that, you are OK and won’t face any crisis. If you earn, you have a bonus. So always have a first thought of safety rather than playing in stock market.

Now coming to the point, let me tell you some facts and advice for those who want to get into stock market and hardly knows anything regarding the same.

Make a habit to read lots of financial newspapers daily, or read as much as possible. Log in on TV and watch news and stock related channels like Bloomberg or CNBC or so. Keep yourself in front of these things on daily basis, make it a routine. SO you will start becoming alert and open about current financial happenings, stock market business and news, volumes, world markets and its happenings, movements and much more.

GO and open Trading and Demat Account with the reputed stock broker in your area. And start trading with the small amount only and do smaller trades till you get confident of it.

Sometimes you will lose and sometime you will earn while you are learning.

Create portfolio or watch list of any 10 good stocks that you like, read almost all news and so about those stocks, and try to understand how and why it went down or up after you sold or bought. Keep eye on those stocks movement all the time and find reasons behind those movements also. Gradually you will start becoming master of that and will understand it easily with time.

Do not place big or over confident or out of the knowledge trades while you learn or you may incur heavy loss because you are new in this. Always try to trade little and try to gain knowledge more with each trade.

Ask for any help to your broker if any, and always keep asking him regarding the same and to get knowlegde. Do not worry if you make a loss, think that you have paid fees for self learning, and once you get the skill, profit is there.

For more advice on this matter please visit HOW TO EARN IN STOCK MARKET IN ANY BAD OR GOOD CONDITIONS

Please share this article if you liked and appreciate. Share it to help everyone to learn and earn.


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Various deals related to you banks are so tough to tackle. If you do not know the proper channel system or rules, it can be very difficult for you to even complete basic banking deals like opening a basic saving account to getting a loan also. Mostly a customer is unaware of basis rights that he holds while dealing with the banks and because of that he has to face many issues related to that. That is why the RBI ( The Reserve Bank Of India and BCSBI (Banking Codes And Standard Board Of India ) has given the Indian customers few basic rights to get rid of these issues. Lets check those hidden basic customers rights, so that you can take maximum benefits from using those rights.

​• Right To Open Bank Account : No Indian bank can refuse to open bank account of any Indian Citizen due to lack of Permanent Address Proof. The banks are hereby entitled to open bank account on any basic documents or proofs that the Indian Citizen is having as basic identity or residence proofs.

​• Right To Transfer Fund : Any person can transfer amount upto 50000 INR by help of any bank using NEFT and can pay to any account in any other bank in India. It it not required that you should have account in both of those banks.

​• Claim For Delaying In Cheque Collection By Bank : If your bank delays in your cheque collection or deposits the amount in your account than prescribed time format by Government banking system, than you can claim for extra money just because bank failed to deliver service on time. The amount payable to you will be as per normal interest charging rates on that particular day or time.

​• Getting Back Your Security : If you had have took loan from your bank against any security or collateral, than you have rights to take back those collateral or security within 15 days from the fully payment of the loan by you.

​• Notice Of Any Change In Banking Rules Etc : If you and your bank are in any kind of agreement over any deals, and if bank changes any rule or regulations etc pertaining to or related to that deal or agreement than banks are abide to send you prior notice for that chance before 30 days of that change or so.

​• Unauthorized Withdrawal : If by mistake or by any fraud or by any chance if the amount is Withdrawal or debit from the customers account without his authority, than banks are liable for any debit or loss thereof or anything like that and it will be bank's responsibilities to prove it, otherwise bank's only are liable to credit the same amount back you customer's account.

​• Right To Know The Reason Of NO : If any bank refuse to provide any bank related service or information upon demand, than you have your basic principle right to get answer for that, and no bank or it's employee can tell you NO for that. They are abide by banking codes to provide satisfactory solution to their customers.

​• Third Party Products : Banks can not forcefully sell you any third party products. They are the products which are not by banks.

​• Right To Privacy : Banks can not share your account or any type of privacy details to anyone or any third party of outside the bank. It's their prime responsibility to keep your details safe, secure and private forever.

​• Right To Have Final Solution : Your bank is liable to solve any kind of banking related issue or problems that you face at any given point of time during banking hours. Banks are abide by their codes to respect the rights given to customers by banking system of India.

​• No To Racism Etc : bank can not differenciate customers on basis if their gender, cast, religion, etc.

We will keep you posting much more over this front very soon, just keep visiting us daily :)


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Education is the prime base which makes human intelligent, clever, successful, educated in life and it becomes the base overall life routine till he lives. Today we can see many problems and issues in society at large due to lack of education mainly along with other lacking factors too. But suppose if poverty etc are not in our control, definitely education is in our hands and control only at some extent. But than too everyone is not able to get in even basic education also, and some can not go through the full education till graduation or higher studies in today's time also.

But apart from these issues, if we talk about higher education before or after graduation, not everyone get the opportunity to pursue ahead due to lots of problems and challenges like family issues, other personal issues or say due to shortage of money for higher education. These days craze of higher studies in foreign countries are growing faster among Indian students, but not each and everyone get chance to go and study at their favorite university because each of them may do not be having proper funding or source of loan to go and study and get well educated till they want. Going places for study, knowing their culture, to adjust, to learn, to live free life and to get well educated is everyone's dream, but when it comes to bear all those high expenses like fees for studying in foreign prestigious universities and to spend for living expenses are not the cup of tea for everyone who dreams.

But here are some reliefs for those who wants to get higher education at lowest or minimal expenses only. Few european and other contries proveds almost free education or with just mimimum tuition fees, and some of them also provides basic facilities like ood, residence and all to it's students. So lets discuess about these 7 well developed countries where education till end is almost free or with just minimal fees, that's it :)

GERMANY : When it comes to best education facilites with awesome basic facilities than Germainy is a top to provide world calss education facilities at very lowest cost and fees or if we say, very minumum or no fees basis. Almost each and every universitiy in Gemany do not charge a buck also to any student from local to foreign ones, however some of them charge some fees but you can say its only basis fees or for some basic facilities only and that also maximum 170$ to 300$ ( 11000 to 20000 INR ) only for a year and that is really so much good for those who wants to survive to get education these days on so costly countries. In such a lowest fees, we also do study in our Indian colleges also.

NORWAY : Norway is among those countris which is famous and favourite destination for international student where graduation and post-graduation courses and even doctorate programs are totally free of cost no matter which nation are you from or from which cast, creed or color, but only and only single condition to avail these facilities is that you must be so much proficient in their local national language, so you better learn it before you plan to go there for study and to get these basics for free.

SWEDEN : Not all universities of Sweden do not provide free facilities like universities of Germany and Norway, but they do charge some fees like fees for tutions and admissions and various related applications. For European Unione and some countries all these basis are also free but they do charges these type of minimal fees from the students coming from non EU, nordic and EEA countries, though Sweden offers PhD degress for free to all international students who comes from anywhere. Thye also pay you for some courses as salry on earn while you learn basis.

AUSTRIA : Austria is so beatiful and clean country where you can feel nature and heaven are same in front of your eyes. Many filmy folks visit it and have done lots of film shoots here. So to stay here and learn is like a cream on ice. Like Sweden, Asutrian universities also fees to non EU and EEa student ranging from 800 to 900 US$ which equals to 53000to 62000 INR.

FINLAND : Till now education at all levels for any internation students from any nation of the words was totally free of cost along with hostel and foood facilities too. But from year 2017 academic year, Finaland universities have started to change nominal fees from the non EU and EEA students for programes like Masters and Bachelors Deggrees and so.

CZECH REPUBLIC : If you know the local language of this country very vell and can speak fluently than you can study and stay here at free of cost in universities campuses. This is the basic law in relation to education in this land. But if you know the local language and than too you want to study the same course in English language than only you will need to pay fees that will be approax 80000 INR ( 1230 US$) as tuition fees and all.

FRANCE : Schooling and higher degree education is totally free in France but some public universities charge only minimal tuition fees, that is it.

BELGIUM : Fees are nil for any international student who comes to Belgium for higher studies, but at some universities they charge only minimal fees for year or whole course. Aprt from that one can enjoy very different and cool culture of this country here.

GREECE : Greece is known as the land of Gods. There are very beautiful sights and historical places all over the country which adds flavor with doing studies here. Universities in Greece charge very low fees for tuition and all and the main thing is for students is that the cost of living, stay and food are so easy and minimal, so one can study here without much tension of existence and money.

SPAIN : Spain is already popular for its food and culture and living. But Spain universities provide free of cost education to only European Union citizens only. But they also provide same education to out side students at very low cost for tuition and other fees. The cost of living is also reasonable here that one can easily survive here along with going on with proper attention on studies and work as well.

We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


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No matter How much and whatever I advice to stay away from your cell, it totally in your control to follow it. But as a society as a whole, we have to save our future and future of our family and kids by using mobile phone as only a connecting device, and not like breathing system.

Hope this article proved helpful for you, please share this to your contacts if you liked it.

I will come up with more interesting articles very soon.

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