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ere in this reference will show you the top 3 new references tells the story of the inventor Hz band wireless communications, which the latest technology, which lead the world now.

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Heinrich Rudolf Hertz celebrated in a Google

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Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the man behind today's Google doodle, found what eyes could not see. Today would have been Heinrich Hertz's 155th birthday.

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Heinrich Rudolph Hertz (1857 - 1894)

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life and work Heinrich Rudolph Hertz (1857 - 1894)

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Hertz Heinrich biography

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Heinrich Hertz's parents were Gustav Ferdinand Hertz and Anna Elisabeth Pfefferkorn. Gustav Hertz was a Jew who converted to become a Lutheran. Anna, the daughter of a Frankfurt doctor, came from a Lutheran family, so Heinrich was brought up as a Lutheran. He was the oldest of his parents' five children, having three younger brothers and one younger sister. Gustav was a barrister in Hamburg, later moving to Oberlandsgerichtsrat, and finally in 1887 becoming a Senator. Let us note that one of Heinrich's brothers was named Gustav Hertz and he had a son, also named Gustav Hertz who also has a biography in this archive.

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Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was born in Hamburg, Germany. His father was a prominent lawyer and legislator. In his youth Heinrich enjoyed building instruments in the family workshop. Hertz began his college studies at the University of Munich. After a short time he transferred to the University of Berlin, where he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree magna cum laude. In Berlin he was an assistant to Hermann von Helmholtz, one of the foremost physicists of the time. In 1883 Hertz became a lecturer in theoretical physics at the University of Kiel. Two years later he was appointed professor of physics at Karlsruhe Polytechnic. In the 1880s physicists were trying to obtain experimental evidence of electromagnetic waves. Their existence had been predicted in 1873 by the mathematical equations of James Clerk Maxwell, a British scientist.

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