Best Review - Top 3 Hardest Chatter Bots to Trick

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The top three hardest chatter bots to trick explored one-by-one. Find out what chatterbots are difficult to trick and why. Oliver Bot Oliver bot is comfortably the most difficult chatter bot to trick. The difficulty is that Oliver bot has some variety of keyword and keyphrase-based way of responding to people, making it quite a lot less likely to get confused. iGod iGod is hard to trick but primarily because it refuses to give proper responses to hard questions. In refusing to answer, it is also less likely to make a mistake and as such iGod is the second hardest chat bot to trick. Cleverbot Cleverbot basically records people's responses as to offer them back to people. This makes it hard to trick as it responds as people respond.
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james's picture

Hi, have you seen this video

Hi, have you seen this video of two chatter bots having a conversation?

What happens when you let two bots have a conversation? We certainly never expected this...

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That is hilarious! One of the

That is hilarious! One of the best videos I have seen, so funny.