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hat is this movie all about? This is a biopic about a reluctant king. Colin Firth plays England's King George VI, with Helena Bonham Carter as his wife, although at the time he was still the Duke of York. It is set during the mid-1930s as England is on the brink of war with Nazi Germany. The Duke has a speech impediment and cannot speak in public, or to almost anyone at all, without stammering and freezing up. With the help of an Australian speech therapist named Lionel Logue (played with glee by Geoffrey Rush), he overcame this problem in order to, eventually, deliver a very important speech to the British Empire when it was inevitable that they declare war.

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"The King's Speech" had already made a big splashed here in Toronto last September winning the Peoples' Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. And early in December, "The King's Speech" was declared best film at the British Independent Film Awards, which also earned Colin Firth the best actor BIFA in his role as the stammering King George VI. Geoffrey Rush as his speech coach was named best supporting actor and Helena Bonham Carter as his wife was best supporting actress.

After garnering seven Golden Globe Award nominations and reading "must see" comments from almost all the critics, this movie is Oscar bound.

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Geoffrey Rush attacks his role with such glee - he twinkles every time he's on screen. I even thought Helena Bonham Carter was better than I've seen her in years.

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Colin Firth gives the performance of his life-time, and I honestly believe he is going to get the Oscar this year. He gives a flawless performance as the tortured royal. To play Bertie, Firth has to nail that stammer, and he achieves amazing things with his wobbly lips, scrunched-up eyes and jutting chin. He thrusts his words out in an agonizing, full-body heave that's painful to watch. While this is an amazing physical stunt, it's everything else that Firth does in the movie that makes his performance great. He's painfully human, and when he shouts "I have a voice!," he does so with such conviction, such urgency, that even the most hard-hearted viewer will be cheering him on. "The King's Speech" might be a typical triumph-of-the-spirit movie... but Colin Firth makes you feel the sweat and yearning of that triumph.

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I give "The King's Speech" a perfect 10. It's been a long time since I've seen an audience applaud after a movie. Bravo!

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mulberry's picture

I just heard about this movie

I just heard about this movie a couple of days ago when having dinner with friends. They loved it, and since I'm a former speech therapist they insisted I HAD to see it.