Best Review - Top 3 Government's terrorizing acts


S Government is not so benign and wishing well for everybody as it would like you to think. Most terrifying acts are considered for its own citizens. OWS protesters might be first to experience some new "non-lethal" weapons and oppressing legislation.

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Reign of Terror

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In 2011, US formed a secret panel to draft up a roster of names to include on the hit list as enemies of the state. The President of USA is the only person that can only veto or approve those actions. However, this committee does not keep a record of their rulings and no laws exist that establish its operation procedure or existence whatsoever.

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The American Gestapo Act or NDAA

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Is the United States of America now Land of the Secure and not the Land of the Free? Just as the "Gestapo Law" made possible for someone to be arrested, interrogated and sent to a concentration camp without any legal procedure, so does National Defense Authorization Act allows for Americans to disappear from the face of the earth and be tortured in secret indefinitely.

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Stop protesting or we will suffocate you

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Occupy protesters were beaten, sprayed with pepper spray, shot with rubber bullets and blasted by pain inducing tones. Since this did not seem to stop OWS movement, the authorities are considering preventing protesters from breathing. The new man-portable non-lethal pressure shield can render intended victims stunned or incapacitated.

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The Government should be "By the people, for the people" but, unfortunately, it appears that true Democracy is a thing of the past.

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