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ave you ever wondered why there are so many denominational churches in the world today? There is one way that points to North and one way to God the Father. God is merciful and He loves His creation. You must love God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighboor as yourself.

Study to Show Yourself Approved to God
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How to Not Be Mislead By a Denominational Church, Like David C. Pack Cult?

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Open Your Eyes and Learn All You Can About God? He will forgive and be merciful to you. You must be sincere and open your heart to God. Jesus Loves you and desires you to be a part of His family.

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The Erroneous Message of a Religious Xmas Tree!

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Christians normally partake in Xmas celebrations with friends and family. However, they never attribute the symbolism of Jesus' birth to it. Discover why here!

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Learn About Jesus as the Messiah

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Jesus is the light of the world, who was the Messiah! He personally came to save his bride! Are you sure you're a child of God? If not, find out how to please God, and receive Jesus by a baptism in immersion today!

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You Must Study to Show Yourself Approved in God's Eyes and become a member of the Church of Christ! This is the church that has Christ's name attached and it is Jesus' Bride. He died for it and created a family with His Blood. To become a memeber you need to receive a baptism by immersion and participate in the Lord's Supper.

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Hello Sheilacraan, you are

Hello Sheilacraan, you are making the Xmas come alive with this article. Great review here, good going!