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t is human to predict the future. It is also human not to believe in these predictions, but nevertheless it’s not so hard to foresee what is coming.

Since the Internet we experience the prologue of a brand new world, which, for most of us, is still hard to understand. We believe that things are going fast, to fast for a lot, but is this really so?

In spite of applications like Facebook or Twitter, the new medium didn’t change a lot. These hot items of today are nothing more then a globalization of what already existed. Where we are involved in now is nothing more then a wide spread school magazine, with personal stories and pictures of ourselves. Is this the ultimate of what Internet has to offer?

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It is human to predict the future. It is also human not to believe in these predictions, but nevertheless it’s not so hard to foresee what is coming.

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From a historical view, it is a dangerous path we are going today. The wired connections we are facing, but do not see, is like an enormous city of alleys: narrow and dark.

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It is a general believe that Internet, and especially Social Media, are instruments to enlarge world wide communication. Mankind never assumed a bigger mistake.

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Like the downfall of the music industry after the Napster war, in future the bricks of the protecting walls will collapse in every area as we know it. Not because of a www and the difficulties of global regulations, but because of expanding knowledge and simpler techniques, available to everyone. An ongoing development which is called evolution, gave power in the past to those who were physical strong, later to those who had access to materials, and today to the ones who have the knowledge skills. The evaluation is not hard to see. Even this fetus, the Internet truly is, gives access to all the knowledge an individual can dream of, which means that knowledge in future won’t be a reason for power anymore. Power as an expression for the individual ruling a group will disappear, which struggle we already see today. The next stage will be a true and worldwide anarchy. The question is, because of this, if mankind will survive or disappear as a victim of his own success…

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