Best Review - Top 3 Features of Stellar Exchange Server Backup and Recovery Software


irst, what is best is choosing the Exchange Mailbox Backup software to save database files. An excellent choice made by Exchange Administrators for User mailbox backup. This software is compatible with major version of MS Exchange and offers easy backup method. It's quick and efficient backup technique saves the file in minutes in online Exchange Server. This highly advanced tool is a complete package to deal with Exchange Server and its database files.
Users who have tried the software found it extremely useful and reviews the best feature that Exchange Backup Mailbox tool have. So, check out these amazing features and backup your Exchange Server Database in minutes

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Bare Metal Backup Option

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This is the feature that most backup software lacks but this comprehensive software offers this feature with added advantages. Exchange Server Backup Tool supports Bare Metal Backup and Restore which allows saving database files along with operating system volume. With this feature it ensures that the vital database files (root files) are safe and secure.
It is mostly found useful in case of disaster recovery. When the database is highly damaged, the software keeps up the operating system files and starts the restore process. Thus this is the most desired feature in Exchange Database Backup

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Exchange Database Schedule Backup Option

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The most preferred choice of a Database Administrator is Schedule backup Option. When looking for a backup tool DBA's generally look for schedule backup and Exchange Mailbox Backup Software comes with schedule manager. The schedule manager lets users set a fixed date and time for backup. Database Administrators can set the frequency of schedule backup daily, weekly or monthly.
Another advantage of the software is that it allows setting reminder and notification for backup so that when the backup gets complete user receives notification via email.

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Taking Full Backup or Incremental Backup With Restore option

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Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software gives two options for backup i.e. Full backup or incremental backup. As per the conditions he/she can select backup type like if the backup was taken long time ago, then it is obvious that all the files will be changed hence take the 'Full Backup. If the backup was recently taken then use the 'Incremental Backup' option.
Moreover, Files can be restored in PST/ EML/ MSG format. Thus it also supports conversion of files from one mail to other like Exchange to Outlook (EDB to PST)

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These are the best of best features listed by the users. The Exchange Backup Software saves the process in log file and gives option to save in CSV/ TXT/ PDF and other formats. So, Exchange Database Mailbox Backup is the best tool.

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