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ost of the User ask why is there need to backup Exchange Server Files? This is because Exchange Server have user mailboxes which have entire email content. If this data get lost then it can be retrieved from backup exactly in same order as it was stored. Exchange Server Recovery software cannot guarantee to get files in same manner. Exchange data can be back up by these three efficient methods
Exchange Server Backup Tool
Backup Files with Windows Server Backup Tool and
Using NT Backup method
Out of all these three methods there is a great demand of Exchange Server Backup Tool as it backup files easily and efficiently. Check out the Exchange Server Backup and Restore methods in detail

Backup Exchange Server Files for Free
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Exchange Server Backup Tool

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If you go for this method then it gives assurance that the files backup will be error-free and they can be restored easily. The Exchange Backup tool supports all Exchange version, the tool has the option for incremental and full backup and there is choice to schedule backup. With Exchange Server Backup Software the files can be restored in Outlook PST format too.

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Use Windows Server Backup Tool

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A free and efficient method to backup files in Exchange Server. Just start the Windows Server Backup tool and select the database to backup, from advanced settings select type of backup and then files you want to save. Select destination location for backup files and start the process. With-in few steps your files will get backup and can be stored at any desired location.

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NT Backup Method for Exchange Server Backup

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NT Backup is an interesting method to backup Exchange files. Just launch the NTBackup Utility from start and select Backup Utility, select the files, Microsoft information storage groups, all the MS Exchange Server files. Specify the destination and start backup. You can customize it according to date or backup type. The server files will be stored as backup.bkf.

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As per your requirement, you can select any of these methods and backup Exchange Server files.

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