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he SMLE Exam is a one-day test that can be relied upon to take a few hours so as to finish. It contains 150 various decision questions, which are isolated into seven unique squares comprising of 46 questions each. One hour is assigned for the fruition of each area. You could be required to perform one of a few unique assignments amid the examination, including translating diagrams and tables, distinguishing typical and net pathologic examples, and applying essential learning to help take care of clinical issues. At least 45 minutes is designated for breaks for the duration of the day, and there is additionally the alternative to finish a 15-minute instructional exercise amid the test too.

The SMLE Exam test is an extremely troublesome test, which is the reason it is essential to contemplate for it well early. You can get practice materials from the SMLE, including an enlightening booklet, test questions and an instructional exercise for stepping through the examination. You can likewise enroll to take a training test at an approved testing focus in the event that you might want. One practice test for each test enrollment is allowed, and this session must be held in a similar district where you are taking the genuine test. The reason for the in-person practice test is to enable you to get comfortable with the Prometric test focus condition, which implies that no new testing material is given.

To effectively pass the SMLE Exam, you'll have to complete a lot of arrangement already. Comprehending what's in store amid this test will go far toward guaranteeing your endeavors are effective.

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Top 1

DHA Exam QBank

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DHA Exam is conducted by Dubai Health Authority and SMLE QBank offers practice material

Top 2

HAAD Exam for Doctors

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HAAD Exam is held by Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

Top 3

Qatar Prometric Exam

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QCHP (Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners) is organised by Prometric. SMLE QBank contains Qatar Prometric exam questions for GP (General Practitioners) in following subjects.

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