Best Review - Top 3 Emerging Technology Trends

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The top three emerging technology trends explored. The technology trends that are experiencing rapid growth discussed and explored. Ipads, cloud computing, ereaders and youtube all discussed in turn as the great emerging trends. Cloud Computing The idea of Cloud Computing, which basically involves having computer system processes handled over the Internet, was something of Science Fiction or a joke a few years back. Now, in 2011, it seems almost a necessity for business with fantastic Cloud computing solutions to problems such as data sharing for mobile organizations. Even laptops such as Google's Chromebook are offering great Cloud-based solutions. Youtube Online video in general is saying ever increasing growth as faster Internet becomes more readily available globally. There seems to be little doubt that Youtube or an organization very much like it will soon replace television entirely. Ereaders Ereaders such as the iPad and Kindle are the primary technology product at the moment and look set to grow even further. The idea of combining Ereaders with online video and cloud computing is very promising. As the technology improves, ereaders promise to become cheaper and will soon replace books.
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