Best Review - Top 3 easy steps to reduce the electricity bill


ow to reduce the consumption of light? How to pay less each month on the invoice or receipt of electricity? Here are 3 easy steps to reduce electricity payment through instant information counter.

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Acquire an instantaneous counter Internet and install yourself in the control panel housing.

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You'll have a lot more about what is consuming electricity idea. And be aware of what we need to save. It is very useful and encourage you to cut power consumption adds nothing.
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Try to reset the instantaneous counter and completely unplug appliances phantom consumption.

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For example, start off completely those devices that are in standby mode (red Pilotito). Some coffee that may even spend more muted than making coffee. And there are many gadgets and appliances that perform a "ghost consumption" when (ceramic computers, touch kitchens, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, electric heaters, etc.) ... The only way to stop eating really are completely off all these appliances is unplug. Each home to make inquiries from the garage door to a heat pump.

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To monitor more devices that consume electricity and why.

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Once the ghost reduced consumption necessary to analyze the consumption of appliances that we use. For example the refrigerator or refrigerator, which is usually the most consumed (about 662 kWh per year on average): a refrigerator with ice consumes far more than other clean. We can also reduce their consumption of electricity in selected less cold thermostat. We can also consume much less suitable programs selected in the washing machine or dishwasher, or even a television LED lowering the screen brightness.

Saving? Because it can reach a monthly least a year ...

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