Best Review - Top 3 Digital Phone Systems For Business Provider in Canada


usinesses needs innovations to keep up with the pace of the dynamic market place and also to fight off the stiff competition from rivals who are doing all within their powers monopolize the market place. You might ask, how can one keep up with these innovations? The answer is by identifying with good ICT service providers who will make sure you are constantly abreast with the latest developments in the ICT world thus keeping you constantly ahead of your competitors.

Here the top 3 digital phone system for business providers:

Top 3 Digital Phone Systems For Business Provider
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DCS Telecom

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DCS Telecom Ltd. This company is located in Vaughan Ontario Canada. It is a leading information and communication technology company that has broad range of experience in the industry and notably is their 18 year old Samsung Partnership which clearly stands to cement their place as one of the leading companies in the industry. DCS Telecom Ltd, are there to listen to and proffer extensive solutions to all your business ICT needs and supplies. It makes sure your enterprise is given the latest supply, installation, upgrade, training and maintenance that you need to successfully run your business and meet up all the demands that comes your way from customers. They offer a whole lot of services which include; voice and data communications, WeVoIP, VoIP CTI, Firewall, WLAN, WAN, LAN, Networking among others services. Their well equip team makes sure no customer is left unsatisfied with the services they get.

Apart from the above listed services, the company also offers services like repairs and upgrade of products of other manufacturers like Cisco, Mitel etc. Being a major partner with samsung, they also offer update and enhancement of Samsung phone systems with its latest technology. Think about ICT, you just have to think about DCS Telecom.

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Digitcom has spent over two decades dedicated to providing the Canadian market with top notch and classic services in ICT. When you mention end-to-end solutions that include phone systems, hosted PBX, phone lines (PRI, SIP), cabling, networks, switches and routing, not forgetting call centers and full system design, Digitcom is the company that comes to mind.

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The last company on our list is BroadConnect. This company is highly favored by customers especially those that owns businesses that requires staffs working from different location without considering distance as a barrier to their productivity. Their whole service is best conceptualized as a "mobile workstation". The company makes sure customers are connected to your business platform via any device with no consideration to the location of the device. This is achieved by building innovative communication strategies through secure cloud and mobile technologies. BroadConnect has only been around for just about a decade but with the marks it has left and still leaving with its mind-blowing innovations on the ICT industry, one might begin to argue that it has been around far longer than a decade.

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