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he Dark Knight Rises is the big conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.(Batman Begins. The Dark Knight .The third Batman Is expected to cast a lady villain. We not know who that villain will be but there are some good guesses going around.

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Bruce Wayne ?

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Batman is Bruce Wayne , his secret identity according to dc comics, is a wealthy businessman living in Gotham City. To everyone in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is often seen as a playboy who lives off his family's personal fortune and the profits of Wayne Enterprises, a major private technology firm that he inherits. Wayne is also known for his contributions to charity, through his Wayne Foundation, a charity devoted to helping the victims of crime and preventing people from becoming criminals. Bruce creates the playboy public persona to aid in throwing off suspicion of his secret identity. Among the more noted measures he uses to maintain the facade is pretending he is a heavy drinker by claiming his glasses of ginger ale are strong beverages.

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Goodbye Batman

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Christian Bale's hanging up the cape. the star of The Dark Knight Rises said to end the Bruce Wayne and his Caped Crusader era, Bale will not be returning to Gotham.

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Dark Knight Rises Toys

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he Dark Knight Rises has a toy line to come. At the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Hero Complex

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people want to have the first hand experience of this motion picture have waited more than a year but their patience is bound to be rewarded for this super hero movie is going to be awesome and amazing. The movie is the final installment The Dark Knight Rises," which stars Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, arrives in theaters on July 20

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EsotericArticles's picture

I thought that Bane was the

I thought that Bane was the villain in this film?

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