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re you after the classic look of a rebel biker? The leather motorcycle vest has become synonymous with this image. This is partly because it is tough and gels perfectly with the rough and ready image of a real born again biker. It is also because it is an imminently practical piece of apparel. Her is tough if you do take a tumble with your bike, but a vest will also give you the freedom of your arms; whether to fight or simply enjoy the wind in your arms and hair. Leather motorcycle vests remain the epitome of style when it comes to motorcycles.

Of course, at some point you will need to purchase yourself a new one; this is when you will realize that there are now hundreds of different leather motorcycle vests available on the market. Choosing the right one is not always easy! The following three are the best suppliers of leather motorcycle vests you will find:

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Leather Motorcycle Vests

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Legendary USA is dedicated to providing high quality products for motorcyclists. They also do a range of military outer clothing and eye-wear. They are proud to announce that every item they sell is made in the USA and many of their products include gun pockets and places to carry ammo. They will certify that all their leather motorcycle vests are made with the finest possible cowhide. To really be certain that you are purchasing from a quality retail outlet you only need to look at the lifetime warranty which comes with every legendary branded item.

Select your preferred style; gunslinger, anarchist or classic; to name just a few and you can be wearing your new vest the next day. If you have any questions they have an excellent customer service facility.

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Fox Creek Leather

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This is another firm which specializes in creating motorcycle products for bikers. They also guarantee their products are only manufactured in the USA and provide a lifetime guarantee. The company is based in Blue Ridge Mountains and is a small, family run business. They have a well designed website and a good customer support service.

They also stock a good range of leather motorcycle vests for both men and women, although the range is not as extensive as Legendary USA; they do offer an interesting option in the form of creating your own custom leather motorcycle vests.

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Vanson Leathers Inc.

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As their name suggests this firm offers a range of leather products to suit almost any need. Again, the selection of leather motorcycle vests on offer does not equate to the range being offered by Legendary USA. But, they do still have a promise of American made leather products and a dedication to making high quality products which will stand the test of time. The fact that leather motorcycle vests will make you look good in the process is merely a benefit! It is worth noting that whilst these vests are of excellent quality, this company focuses more on track and race wear.

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Legendary USA has the edge when it comes to supplying the best possible leather motorcycle vests, but any one of these products will help you feel and look then part.

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