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ave a look at these three articles on childhood stammering, travel sickness in children and children's colds and flu and read how to prevent and remediate these ailments easily.There is some useful information here and some simple ideas on how to prevent travel sickness,how to manage fluency problems and how to deal with children's colds and flus.

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Childhood stammering and fluency

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This article outlines the difference between normal nonfluency and stammering in the young child.
Children can present with different types of developmental speech problems, two of which are stammering and normal nonfluency. It is common for most children to acquire language without any accompanying fluency problem, However, the presence of a pattern of normal nonfluency during the period of language acquisition does arise with some children. This can be either a symptom of accelerated language development or the start of a pattern of beginning stammering.Eiother way,it is a worry for the parents when they hear their child presenting with any kind of fluency problem.This article will give some ideas of how to manage fluency problems with the assistance of a qualified speech and language pathologist.

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Travel sickness in children

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Find out more about how to prevent travel sickness in children.Travel sickness occurs in children when they are traveling in a train, plane, car, bus or boat. It is characterized by nausea and can lead to vomiting. It is otherwise known as motion sickness and is caused by the wrong signals being received by the inner ear, muscles and eyes.

Many parts of the body send their own signals to the brain while one is travelling.If these signals are not in synchrony,motion sickness,otherwise known as travel sickness occurs as a reult.This article will give tips and ideas on how to prevent travel sickness in children and indeed adults as well.

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Colds and flu in children

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Read here about how to deal with the common cold and flu in children.It is common for flu and cold to occur together in their attack on a child’s immune system. This combination resuIts in an infection from the cold symptoms while the flu virus causes other symptoms, The treatment of the cold infection and flu virus is mainly symptomatic resulting in some relief of symptoms. This offers some relief in many cases while the cold and flu run their course. This symptomatic treatment works better for some children than it does for others.Get some insight here on how to alleviate the symptoms and indeed reduce the duration of thecold or flu illness in your child.

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