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he main goal of professionals in this field is to help people to improve their lives. Social workers help their clients cope with everyday issues, deal with relationships, and work out family problems by applying professional techniques and principles to patients’ difficulties.

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Mental Health Social Worker

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Social workers specialized in the field of mental health often work in offices talking with clients, making phone calls and doing paperwork. Besides they visit clients at other locations and attend meetings.

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Social Worker in Gerontology

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Geriatric social workers are trained to recognize normal and abnormal aging patterns. The social workers help decide which senior citizens need home health aides, special transportation, or similar services. There are some geriatric social workers that are able to plan and organize services for the elderly.

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Social Work Policy Makers

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If you plan to start a career of Social Work Policy Maker, you should consider the fact that this type of work requires a high level of social work knowledge. Social services workers in this position generally have attained at least an MSW (Masters in Social Work).They must have the ability to understand how policy development will affect individuals and groups of people, and therefore require very extensive knowledge of Social Work.

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And according to the chosen specialization graduates can work in varied settings like nursing homes, schools, mental health clinics, hospitals, substance abuse centers and government agencies.

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