Best Review - Top 3 Career Opportunities in Nutrition and Dietetics


t is clear for all that nutrition asks us to consider many factors: the choice of products, their chemical composition and quantitative proportions of the individual products in the diet, how they are cooking, use salt and flavoring agents, the degree of mechanical comminuting, mode of eating, etc.

Career in Nutrition
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Pediatric Dietitian

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Pediatric dieticians are clinical nutritionists who specializes in dietetucs for children with specific needs. They usually work in health care facilities like children’s hospitals, and their work consists of making consultations for parents who have health issues such as cystic fibrosis and diabetes, and creating meal plans. Pediatric dieticians work with the parents and other family members to make sure of healthy eating for the child at home and during a hospital stay.

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Sports Dietitian

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o become a sports dietitian in many countries does not require any more than some qualification in basic Nutrition or Dietetics, and then an interest and some experience in the sports nutrition field.

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Clinical & Medical Nutritionists

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Clinical Nutritionists and Dietitians work in hospitals, clinics, long-term and short-term care facilities. They focus primarily on patients whose illnesses can range from diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, or obesity to routine operations and hospital stays due to illness or injury. This environment means working closely with physicians, nurses and other medical specialists as a team to treat patients. Those interested in a hospital or care facility environments would be urged to learn more about the facilities in their area.

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