Best Review - Top 3 Care of Parents in old age

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Its an ironic that parents who spent their whole prime time and money in building up of their children's future are thrown away to spent their rest of time when they badly needed to take care of themselves. Taking care of your parents will make you feel good and if you have children, it will be a good example for them. Who knows, one day they just might have to take care of you. Serving old aged parents Taking care of old aged parents is not a new issue rather its spreading in those areas as well where joint family system was very strong. Serving old aged parents I am in quest that why parents spent their prime life including money and everything in the building up of their children's future if the result would be old aged homes !!! Serving Old Aged Parents Although we know that our old aged parents only need love, respect and care and not money. But we dont have time for their care and love. One should know that this part of life cycle and everybody faces the same.
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