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ou can find here top resources How To Cleanse After A Major Holiday Indulgence. If you’ve been busy decking the halls with plenty of rich meals, sweet desserts, and alcohol, chances are, you're feeling ready for a major diet detox right about now—No booze! No candy! No more junk! Sound about right? But not so fast: New research shows that a sudden transition away from fatty and sugary foods can cause symptoms similar to those seen during a drug withdrawal.

After Holidays
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5 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Diet After the Holidays

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Hopefully you took the time this holiday season to enjoy time with your family and friends, eating lots of yummy, happy food without worrying too much about calories, carbs, or fat grams. Though stuffing yourself during the seasonal festivities isn’t too smart, enjoying good food with family and friends is something to be cherished. But now you might be wanting to kick back into a healthy routine and there are some simple ways you can do just that.

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7 Simple Steps for a Post-Holiday Health Detox

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Wouldn't you love to spend the next week at a luxurious spa to shed those holiday pounds? Impractical? Okay, create a "home health spa" with my post-holiday detox plan, and you can get pretty darn close to feeling like you are visiting a real spa.

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20 Ways to Beat Post-Holiday Weight Gain

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Guilty of overeating during the holidays? Here are 20 simple ways to beat weight gain.

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