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ant to start blogging, but don't know where to begin? First you should choose your blogging platform! Below is information about the top blogging platforms on the web today.

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What makes HubPages different from other blogging sites is that each of your posts/articles is a standalone page.

On other blogging sites like Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, etc. you may write a really great post, but it will be pushed down by anything you post following that. On HubPages people view one post at a time and can go to your profile page and select from all of your posts.

HubPages is an interactive site with a phenomenal community full of people that care about reading each other’s articles and providing feedback. It truly is an interactive blogging experience and makes the whole process seem more professional than any other blogger service I have used (and I have used many).
Monetizing your blogs is an option and made easy to do with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Ebay Affiliates, and HubPages very own high paying ad program.

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Blogger is hosted by Google and has a very easy to use interface. You can decide the design of your blog, monetize it, and if you want you can even transfer it over to your own domain. This platform makes it very easy to personalize your blog.
One flaw it has is that faced by most blogging platforms, that all articles are included within the same sub-domain, so even if you write a really good timeless article, it won't be as easily accessible as it is on HubPages where each article is a standalone page.
Blogger doesn't emphasize the community aspect of blogging much, so beginning can be a little rough when you don't get many pageviews or feedback from other people.

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WordPress is great because your blog can be easily customized with an easy to use interface. It also has a pretty good online community (not as good as HubPages, but better than Blogger).
One issue is that WordPress doesn't allow you to collect revenue from your blog, but they post your own ads. You can get rid of these ads for around $30 a year, but that just ruins the whole 'free blogging' experience.
WordPress allows you to transfer your account to your own domain and still use its editorial tools, but their rule on ads remains the same. If you begin receiving more than 20,000 views a month consistently they will let you have your own ads.

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HubPages is by far the best blogging platform due to it's standalone articles, simple monetization, and great community. Blogger which has easy to use tools and monetization follows HubPages. WordPress ranks third because of their great editing tools and a decent community, but lack of monetization capability.

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