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ithout a doubt, the X files is one of the best TV shows ever to air. It combined spooky paranormal activity with an FBI drama, and surprised the viewers with every episode. It had many lovable characters like Agent Fox Mulder, the Agency's paranormal expert and truth-seeker, as well as Agent Dana Scully, resident skeptic.
The series follows their adventures as they investigate paranormal activities and seek out the truth. Along the way they encounter several monsters/ghosts/apparitions etc. and must solve every case. They always escape danger at the last possible minute!
In addition to that, there is a large story arc that follows the mysterious smoking man as he and his colleagues work to prepare the earth for an alien invasion.

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this is a fantastic episode! We are introduced to a man who distorts his body to creep into homes undetected. Once inside, he kills them and feasts on their liver. Mulder and Scully must venture into his creepy lair where they finally combat him. This episode is a great intro into the series and will send chills running down your spine.

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This is a downright scary episode. A mysterious doll causes people's eyes to bleed, as well as make them kill themselves in horrible ways, for instance, smashing a record and using the shattered edge.

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This episode I cant say much about without revealing the plot, but Assistant Director Skinner is infected with nanobots that cause his blood to clot, controlled by the evil Krycek.

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