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hen quality is worth more than anything else, people who construct homes, offices, and furniture have their favorite woods. Sometimes the choice will depend on your location, but some woods are prized for their fine qualities in particular.

Various woods are adaptable more to flooring, while others lend themselves to furniture construction more than homes or buildings. The following are among the most prized and beautiful woods available.

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From trees sometimes thousands of years old, redwood is available in the western region of the United States. The circular "burls" of the wood are unique and valuable, especially in crafting fine furniture.

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Available in the eastern United States, hickory is a strong wood even when cut thinly. It is used in construction projects due to its exceptional strength, and also in making fine furniture with delicate inlays.

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Although this wood comes from tropical climates, making it expensive due to importing, it is a beautiful reddish-brown and easily polishes to a fine luster.

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From the above choices, you can decide what would be right, affordable, and obtainable for your construction project. All are beautiful in their own way, but your own particular tastes will be the final decisive factor.

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