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etirement is something that most people start to actually think seriously about and look forward to during their fifties and very early sixties after spending years working as a business owner or working for someone else while developing a work ethic, even punching a timecard consecutively every single day. As a newly retiree now, you'll no longer have to endure those heavy morning nor evening traffic jams like you once did, set an alarm clock, deal with office politics, constant employee conflicts and multiple layoffs anymore. Instead, just finally sitting back to a more stress free and relaxing reality including collecting your hard earned pension, retirement savings, social security checks without having to step foot into the workforce ever again. Below are things to do once your happily retired:

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Explore Volunteer Activities and Travel Opportunities

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Spend more valuable time doing volunteer work as an IRS tax aide, adult literacy tutor, help out at school systems and shelters. Make travel plans to Hawaii, Disneyland, cruises, etc.

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Pursue Outside Interests

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Sign up to take painting lessons, calligraphy, line dancing, and computer software. Also, learn creative writing and storytelling. Attend museums, concerts and plays.

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Embrace The Next Phase Of Your Life

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Get together with friends for overdue group outings. Treat yourself to rejuvenating spa days.

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