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t is estimated that 84% of Americans are in some form of dehydration at any given time.

Most Americans do not even drink their recommended 64 ounces of water any given day, and that number is for an average 128 pound person. If you are heavier, more active or both you may need significantly more water.

Not consuming enough water could leave you lethargic, sick and hungry. It can lead to weight gain and all sorts of other physical ailments.

The water pitchers and other tools on this page are all about making the consumption of water a little bit easier, so that people can get enough water to stay healthy.

Water pitcher for filtering water
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Get Water Filter Pitchers

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One reason some people do not drink enough water is that they do not have enough water around the house.

Bottled water is great, but it can be expensive and a royal pain to transport back-and-forth keeping yourself in bottles. Tap water often doesn't have a great taste, and in some areas can even be bad for your health.

So what are you do. One answer is water pitcher filters where you can keep large quantities of fresh and filtered clean water readily available.

Top 2

Fitness Water Bottles

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The next problem with hydration and consuming enough water, is "on the go"

Carrying around a small water bottle is the easy answer to this issue. Just pack it with you when you go and have a great refreshing drink on the go.

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Making water sparkly

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One of the reasons many people love soda is due to the carbonation. Carbonated water simply tastes better. LIke the problem with bottled water, is that having carbonated water around the house at all time can get expensive and be a pain lugging bottles around all the time, when you consider we are supposed to have over 64 ounces of water daily. The answer to this problem is to take your filtered tap water and run it through a carbonation process making it more tasty.

As a pro tip you can even flavor your water with natural fruits making them carbonated and better tasting. And if you really need to you can use natural sugars to make healthier colas from home that do not rely on high fructose corn syrup.

Do you like this top?

Hopefully you will consider getting some of these water pitchers, water filters, water bottles and home seltzer water makers to make your daily water consumption just a little bit more attractive.

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