Best Review - Top 3 Best three 3 sleeping posture to improve digestion


ell many of medical experts arrived at a conclusion that our sleeping posture is directly linked with our digestive systeme, for this we have to pay more attention and make some changes on our sleeping habits.

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Raise your head

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this is the best sleeping posture specially if you have a heartburn, you can raise your head about 100 cm by adding a second pillow under your head. It will help you to reduce stomach ache and to stop gastric acid from heading to your esophagus.

Top 2

The left side

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According to a study from viladelfia university, sleeping on your left side helps you to reduce heartburns. If you can't sleep on your lifet side put some pillows on your right side to not turn on it.

Top 3

Face down

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If you Really want to improve while sleeping your digestive systeme you can lay down by making your face down and your hands up on pillow ( freefaller) in the beginning of your sleep. Experts believe that with posture your digestive systeme will surly be improved.

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Also, medical advices warns from eating a few moments before sleeping and if you do be sure to eat just a very light meal in order to sleep deeply without interruptions.

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