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besity has become a growing problem not only in the US , but worldwide. And one of the most common ways to lose weight is to eat fewer food amounts, but this is difficult for those who are accustomed to eating large amounts of food and they have problems in the management of the feeling of hunger. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with less food and get a less hungry feeling.

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The third way is simply fewer food quantities:

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1. 20-30 minutes took to deal with your meal: This command gives the body time to feel satiety and thus avoid eating extra food, as the twenty minutes this database came from the food take between 20-3- minutes to cross from the stomach to the intestines, which send chemical signals variety of brain feeling of satiety and thus stop eating more food. And put in front of you temporarily to know how long it took to eat your food and taking several sips of water or talk to one of your family members while eating.

2. Take your time to chew food: where is chewing food well and slowly an important part of the digestion process and helps to Awar of fullness with fewer food amounts. Since your focus on every morsel dealt makes you feel full more and makes your brain enjoy the meal.

3. Do not restrict your food or your duties: A lot of people are trying to prevent themselves from eating or reduce the amount of food intake dramatically in order to follow a certain diet or get a better body, but that it may have the opposite effect. And you have to remember that the body does not gain or lose weight quickly, changing your diet or significantly reduce a number of calories is not a good way. When you follow a timetable indulgence from time to time every few days or once a week.

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The second way is hunger management:

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1- to drink some fluids before the food: where studies have shown that eating a low fluid or no calories helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and thus less food intake, and if you feel very hungry before eating then drink a glass of water or eat vegetable soup it which achieves physical satiety of the stomach, which may fool the brain you eat more food. And you can eat other drinks such as coffee and tea is sweetened or skim milk.

2. Eat a diet will help you feel full: where to eat the right foods helps you feel hungry throughout the day, such as protein, lean management as it requires a long time to be digested and therefore your body will continue to send the feeling of satiety signals to the brain. Where you'll be sure of having two portions of protein at each meal taking, and also your focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains rich in fiber, which helps you feel full, with the addition of bran to both meals helps you feel full longer after eating.

3. intake material containing mint flavor: where to eat such materials reduces the feeling of hunger throughout the day. You brush your teeth after meals as it is for the survival of your mouth clean, will not eat again, in addition to the impact of mint flavor in toothpaste. And a lot of people would like to get something to chew a piece of gum Here is suitable It helps to fool the brain where information is sent to him that you are dealing with food. In addition to taking tea with mint or sweet sugar-free mint helps you feel full.

4. Notwithstanding your thinking about food: often the desire to eat or hunger comes abruptly where you feel a strong desire to eat directly, and here the exchange of thinking about food can help control this feeling. Usually the desire to eat last for ten minutes so then forcibly dispersed thinking for twenty minutes before you eat something.

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The first way is to reduce the amount of food intake:

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1. You measure the size of each meal: where adherence certain amount helps you to eat less food, you should buy the measuring cups to be used during the preparation of all meals. Where it prefers to get at each meal a share of protein and 1-2 of fruit and vegetables and one share of grain.

2. Use a small dishes: When you select the size of your meal probably will notice less the amount on your plate which may make you feel deprived at the beginning of steps to determine the amount of food you have. The use of smaller dishes may help you fool your mind that there is a larger amount of food in a dish where the same amount takes up more space in a small dish. You should buy a blue-colored dishes, where studies have shown that people tend to leave a section of their own food in the dishes if the color was blue.

3. Remove the temptations of your meals: When you eat, remove the existing additions and entice you to eat more food this command allows you to focus on the basic meal and not eating larger quantities. Do not store the blood on the table which might tempt you to eat more again, and tried to put the food in the container after placing amount for yourself and put the rest of the food in the refrigerator. And you can put some low-calorie material mode if you want to eat more, such as vegetables and fruits.

4. Leave the amount of food on your plate: Try to leave some food on your plate after every meal, regardless of whatever little quantity. Although most people do not want to throw any amount of food and want to end their meal until after Slohm to the stage of satiety, he left the amount of food after every meal to break the habit. Leave Bidiyah and a small amount of food, and wash the dish immediately after you're done.

5. ask for a small amount of food at the restaurant: restaurants typically offer large and very large meals so you pay attention when eating out commitment required quantity. You imagine quantity that must be dealt with and leave the rest of the food aside and does not forget to leave part of the food on your plate when you are finished as they do at home, you can ask for packing half the meal before you start taking it.

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