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hether you prefer delivery or DiGiorno I think most agree, New Yorker or not, that nothing beats neighborhood New York brick oven pizza. These thin, cheesy, foldable large triangular slices originated in the early 1900’s in Little Italy New York, instantly becoming an American favorite and New York staple. Selling by the slice originally became popular because most individuals and families could not afford whole pies. This tradition hasn’t changed as people continue to love pizza by the slice and seek out the best within a city that has over 32,000 pizzerias.

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Lombardi’s Pizza Nolita 32 Spring St New York, NY 10012 (212) 941-7994

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Created by an immigrant from Naples, Italy in 1905 this restaurant is said to be the oldest and first American Pizzeria. This place definitely tops the list because it deserves the credit and recognition for creating, inspiring, and making New York pizza the most loved and enjoyed city food it is today. The establishment is a sit down affair, unless you order to go, but well worth the time if you decide to stay and dine. The menu is both easy to understand, yet expansive enough for even the most fastidious pizza eaters.

First American Pizzeria created, sit down or take out, reasonable prices, with traditional or custom combinations pies.

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Joes Pizza West Village 7 Carmine St New York, NY 10014 (212) 366-1182

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Located on Carmine St. in the lively West Village neighborhood, this place will impress even the savviest pizza lover. Loved and enjoyed both for its simplicity and the tradition it has maintained over the years, the integrity of its recipe created by the original founder has never been compromised. 40 years ago Joe Pozzuoli came from Naples, Italy and opened Joe’s in 1975. Joe to this day is the sole owner operator to continue his passion and American dream he created years ago.

For West Village locals Joe’s is considered a daily or weekly staple food source with an array of slice combinations at reasonable prices. This place is a must eat for tourist, visitors, and commuters alike.

Top 3

NY Pizza Suprema Chelsea, Midtown West 413 8th Ave New York, NY 10001 (212) 594-8939

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Located a stone throw away from Penn Station, NY Pizza Suprema is local favorite. Tourists, commuters, business travelers, and seasonal/ permanent residents always make this place a must go to eat spot. The fast and easy street-restaurant style with line queue is well -organized with dozens of slice combinations including upside down slices hot out of the oven.

Known for great NY pizza, many combinations, and good prices. This spot has been well received by Yelpers, food magazines, as well as winning many awards along with special mentions through word of mouth within the city. Additional special mentions have been featured on Good Day New York claiming NY Pizza Suprema as being the best pizza slice in Manhattan. Enjoy!

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If you need a quick slice on the go or want to sit and enjoy a pie this list has you covered. To this day just as it was in Gennaro Lombardi’s day, when pizza is made with the right mozzarella cheese, dough, sauce, toppings, and cooked to perfection (often with bubbling crust ) in the correct oven (brick) there is really no contest. This top 3 cuts through the noise and provides the best of the best list of sit down, take out, and most importantly the much appreciated by the slice pizzerias in New York.

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