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f you haven’t heard yet, Apple just announced the release of a new iPad Pro available for purchase later this year. Apple also announced new features on a newish Apple iPhone 6 and a newer Apple TV, but these didn’t impress analysts, spectators, consumers, or investors as much. Three best new features to look forward to in the new iPad are welcome additions to anyone needing more than an Internet surfing or eBook reader. The 3 best new features for the new iPad Pro include the larger 12.9” retina display with 2732x2048 resolution, larger memory plus battery capacity, and Bluetooth keyboard with stylus.

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Bigger and Higher Resolution Display

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The new 12.9” retina displays with 2732x2048 resolution (that’s 5.6 million pixels) is brilliant and offers a needed increase in screen size for a better user experience. This is officially the highest resolution IOS device to date. To put this into perspective the prior iPad Air 2 with a 9.7” display is less tall than the new iPad Pro is wide and no way near the length as the newer iPad Pro vertically. This larger screen has more purpose than just having a larger screen, it allows users to experience two full size iPad apps in portrait mode. This truly was a necessary advancement from the condensed split screen upgrade from the prior iPad. This is very exciting for every type of user experience whether the purpose is for multitasking tasks that are artistic, business, school, social media, online news, or simply relaxing and reading an eBook.

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Larger Memory and Battery Capacity

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Base Models will come equipped with a respectable 64G hard drive and an optional higher priced 124G upon request. Even with access to the cloud the memory will be necessary considering the user of this new generation of iPad will need more space to run more sophisticated application like ones from Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and includes extremely useful programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and OneNote. This is the 3rd generation 64-bit chip with 2x memory bandwidth of A8x, 2x storage performance., and faster than 80% of portable PCs.

While the battery capacity of 10 hours between charges is a great compliment to such an increase in function, as it will allow such high capacity programs to run longer.

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Bluetooth Keyboard and Stylus

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Not too long ago Steve Jobs dismissed the idea of ever equipping anything Apple with a stylus. Today the industry realizes that it’s not only practical, but becoming necessary. While the tangible feel of the Bluetooth keyboard is questionably more exciting than the pencil stylus both will definitely come in handy for accomplishing different technical tasks and I’ll tell you why. The Bluetooth keyboard is rumored to be a collaborative design between Apple and the specialty keyboard bellwether Logictech.

So we know the keyboard will be high quality. But what will it do? This keyboard will allow users to quickly switch between typing actions and touching actions. Considering the applications available via Microsoft Office and an increasing number of industries equipping all levels of employees with tablets this will be a welcome change. I know you’ve seen employees in stores like Home Depot wielding iPads imagine what all other levels of business demand will become, especially since IBM is assisting Apple in grabbing an even greater share of that position.

The stylus will also be a game changer as it will function as an eSignature instrument for verifying purchases or contracts, drawing informal blue prints for construction or design jobs, artistic work, or even using it as a highlighting tool during presentations.

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These new features as well as the super powerful A9X chip and 4 external corner speakers (although Beats by Dre would have worked out well I bet) should allow the new iPad Pro to compete ever better with a range of competitors in this highly crowded field. The AX9 chip alone is reason for cheers.

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