Best Review - Top 3 best nails colors for summer

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it's summer again and we all like to make bold statements with colors. one of the ways we ladies can do that is with our nails color. i say go bright, go bold and have fun. here is a list of my top 3 summer nail colors.i hope you enjoy it and be sure to visit my squidoo lens to read the full article. click here to visit my lens and read the full article on top 10 best nails colors for summer. Tangerine/orange color this is the color of the season, it works on all skin colors and designs. this color can be mixed with any other nail polish color. it works well too. cool Blue. blue is a cool nail polish's just so cute. blue color can be mixed with many other colors and still make a very good combination. Pink, the color for her. pink is a color that is loved by all ladies. it fun to mix and match it. i love using pink nail polish and mixing it with dark colors like black.
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james's picture

I don't see any feminist

I don't see any feminist movement for the spreading of nail painting to men in our society.. Women are quite happy with the fact that men are not expected to put colors on their nails or face.. This summer I'll keep my nails naturally bitten :-)

berryluvin's picture

nail painting is not for men,

nail painting is not for men, this top was created for ladies. it's not cool for a man to pain his nails.

james's picture

Similar to saying driving and

Similar to saying driving and voting is not for women.. or similar stuffs.. It's just a conditioning, don't let the current/nowadays morals of the specific society we happen to live in lead you to believe that things are set in stone, that thought would be depressing.. :-)