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ctober is breast cancer awareness month and we're continuously reminded about the women and men who've lost their battle to this disease despite being in remission themselves for several years. Preventing breast cancer does still require doing home self breast exams, examining breast frontal for unusual itching and squeezing discharge, consuming thirty grams of fiber rich foods, eating fresh and canned fish containing omega-3's, cutting down on red meat intake, moderately avoiding alcohol, eating regular fruits and veggies to stop tumor growths inside breast tissues. But researchers are making inroads including ways to thoroughly x-ray benign or malignant cells, detect suspicious abnormal lumps with better imaging technology, even prescribing chemo oral medicines and drug therapies to metastatic breast cancer patients. Still there are myths involving breast cancer needing to be addressed.

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Myth: A Strong Family History Means Your Chances Increase

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There are women diagnosed everyday with breast cancer and never ever had a family history.

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Myth: Having Lumps Is Always A Sign Of Breast Cancer

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A presumed lump does not necessarily indicate cancer, could stem from fibrocystic breast disease or an upcoming menstrual period. A physician will determine whether the lumps are cancer.

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Myth: Using Birth Control Pills Causes Cancer

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According to studies by medical experts, there's no link between birth control and cancer, but taking HT will increase your risk.

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