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I am a member of three height increase forums. Which height increase forums are you members of? Gorw Taller with LSJL Forum I'm a moderator on this forum. This is to provide support for the Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Height Increase method. My Grow Tall Forum Profile I notice that the height boosting advertisement is dofollow. No wonder Grow Tall Forum got google slapped(PR2 to PR0). It was probably selling links. Giant Scientific Forums These forums are an absolute beast in the search engines ranking number 2 for height right behind Wikipedia. The forum is not popular for some reason despite it's prominence in the SERPs. The sigs are dofollow but the forum profile is not but this will send link juice to all my posts I guess.
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The concept of increasing

The concept of increasing height through hypnosis is one that is a little hard to accept. While I am a strong advocate of the use of hypnotherapy in healing (to include both psychosomatic and somatic healing), without a substantial amount of scientific study, I would prefer not making the claim that hypnosis is indicated for height gain, breast enlargement, or the enlargement of any other appendage.