Best Review - Top 3 Best Gourmet Meets Fast Food Burger Chains in California.


re you a burger connoisseur, foodie, or beef enthusiast, but are on a budget and have little time to wine and dine? You may have heard of Shake Shacks success recently and are looking for something similar on the West Coast. Well, if you’re looking for fast on the go, burgers with a higher quality than the typical drive through option we’ve made a list for you? Made with better and fresher ingredients these are the best quality gourmet/fast food chain burger spots in California.

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With a simple and inexpensive menu this burger place has a few secrets to its tremendous success. First, the secret menu posted on the company website will provide a fun and tasty way of ordering when you visit a location. Secondly, the company uses all fresh ingredients delivered daily and never frozen. Try the famous “Animal Style”.
In-N-Out has gourmet meets fast food inspired burgers of great quality, fair prices, and convenience. This place has a special secret menu to add a bit of fun to the ordering process. All the secret menu options can be found on the website and are definitely worth considering when ordering. Here’s the website.

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This place is known for great tasting burgers of substantial size and weight, especially for fast food. ICE Cube even gave a shout out to Fat Burger in his 1993 song “Today was a good day”. The options at your disposal are many when customization is this places specialty. When gazing at the menu you will immediately notice that you have the power to layer these burgers with crazy items like breakfast foods, such as crispy beacon and fried eggs. Or you may go a bit southwestern by adding avocado; it’s all up to the one feasting. Although this place has 100% pure lean beef this spot offers options for veggie burgers and turkey burgers for the leaner eaters out there. Size options are highly personalized for every sandwich ranging from Small to Triple XL.

So make it a good day and check out Fat Burger for a great tasting, highly customizable , fresh burger that requires two hands to eat. Here's the website.

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Aside from New York’s Shake Shack, when it comes to the lime light this place is definitely the newest and fastest growing contender in the gourmet meets fast food style burger spots. However, none –the- less is very worthy of mentioning and a heavy weight contender for the list. This place has grown in popularity since President Obama unintentionally endorsed this fast food gourmet burger spot in May 2009. Videos surfaced and went viral of the President ordering burgers there. This place is also known for fresh daily made ingredients and highly customizable variations. The never frozen freshness is advertised blatantly with huge potato sacks used for (frying French fries) pilled up in the dining area. Five Guys has a simple menu, but boast 250,000 combinations for personalization.

Five Guys Burgers has highly customizable gourmet fast food burgers, made with fresh daily made ingredients for a reasonable price. Here’s the website.

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They may not be chef inspired, Instagram worthy, but this gourmet takes on fast food approach are fast, delicious, and won’t break the bank.

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