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hinoplasty is one of the most sensitive cosmetic surgeries. Aside from the form of grooming, considering and correcting the nasal skeletal system, which may be due to respiratory problems for the patient, is a very important point that attaches great importance to this beautiful beauty. Because of the centrality of the nose, in case of correction, it can be co-ordinated and appealing to the face. The coordination and fit of the nose size with the area of the cheek and the eye on the one hand and the chin on the other are two important factors that should be considered before the operation and discussed with the person concerned.

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Nose beauty surgery

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Many people do a lot of different beauty activities each day, and they will find more self-confidence in this field and find life more comfortable than before. Among all the beautiful acts, nasal surgery with nasal surgery, called rhinoplasty, has a lot of fans and very special features and has its own unique features.

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Nasal Procedure

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The nasal procedure can be done in two ways: open nasal or closed nose surgery, closed procedures have long been done and have a long history, and when nasal surgery was the preferred option for all surgeons throughout history, from the limits of the war The second world after and gradually introduced the surgical procedure and opened its foot, and a number of nose surgeons tended to.

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Important care after nasal surgery

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In fact, it is very important that those who want nasal and nasal surgery should observe and carefully take care of them before and after. At the time after surgery, the path and the process of repairing and healing wounds and healing their tissues should be followed. In the right direction. So if you want a good result of nose surgery and nose surgery, you should carefully take care of the nasal constipation that is recommended by your doctor.

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