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or a while now people have been wondering which anime is the best of all time, more importantly we must understand what makes an anime great. We start with the story which is the most important, then we have the visual aspect as far as how the anime is drawn, character development has a big role as well, sometimes in a story when a character becomes a certain way they begin to attract more people to the anime. What makes an anime perfect? When you find yourself looking up if there will be more seasons, you find yourself purchasing the manga books and investing your time into making cosplays.

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7 deadly sins

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This anime can easily sit in the number 2 or 1 slot. the story is amazing and brand new to the anime world, netflix has made this anime possible, and it's rated a full 5 star on netflix. the story is amazing, and the art however cartoonie has amazing fight scenes. this is overall one of the best ever. meliodas for president!

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Naruto's story alone places itself in the top of all animes, the art of fighting your way to the top even though everything is against you, people hate you, people want you dead, and all you want to do is protect them and be loved, naturo's character development was awesome, Story A+, Design A+, character development A. we are every pleased with this anime and one of the most that is cosplayed as.

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Attack on titan

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Attack on titan is the best anime every made, as far as story from the beginning you are drawn in, there is never a dull moment, you put yourself in the shoots of the characters asking yourself what would you do in those situations. Story A+, then we go to design A+, character development A+, we see our heroes become older and wiser and determined. this story alone would put the anime in the top 3, however when you put everything into account it's the best of all time. and the best part is there is currently only one season.

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the best animes of all time is a big list, however I have narrowed it down to 3, please enjoy.

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