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re you familiar with exit-intent popups? NO? Well, they are one of the few ways to increase your website's conversion. It gives you a scope to present your best deal or offering to a visitor who is just leaving your website. It's like your last bet on retaining the visitor to your website.

I will be showing the three best exit-intent popups I've come across in the recent time. I'll be adding mine one in the last which is the simplest one but an effective one! I have tested it on my website, so I can confidently say that.

neilpatel exit intent popups.
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NeilPatel's Website

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You would probably know this internet marketer. He is the founder of CrazzyEggs, Quicksprout, Hellobar and this one is his personal website.

He is known for the legit tips and tricks you can apply on your website for white hat SEO. He is offering services in two ways, one is the usual consultation work and the other on is the free/paid webinars.

If you have visited his website in recent time, try opening his website and make a try leaving his website by dragging your mouse cursor to other tab and see what happens!

You will get to see a full-screen popup showing a message and a background animation. The exit intent popup in his site was showing text like "Lear the simple tactic I used to rank #1 for online marketing" until my last visit.

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Brain Dean's Backlinko

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This is another one from the leading web marketing blog. Brain dean is the founder of website.

His research-based articles are highly praised in digital marketing and SEO community.

He has mined some of the best techniques to EARN backlinks. His website is worth checking if you are a digital marketing or SEO enthusiast.

On my last visit, his website was having an exit intent popup appealing the visitors to stay on page to know he was able to rank for a term.

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The site also uses the same technique an exit intent popup. I actually own this website.

I read about the exit-intent popups in past, and I was curious to know whether it actually works or not.

I had an issue with users leaving my core service offering pages. I decided to add this little thing to my website to understand what actually is the reason behind the dropoffs.

I added the exit-intent popups and added the heatmaps to make sure the popup button gets clicked. The strategy I follow is actively producing the results.

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