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hrowing a baby shower is a lot of fun. You get the chance to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of the Mother's new little bundle of joy! You also get the chance to meet the people the Mother is close to, from family and friends to co-workers. A baby shower is basically a party, so why not plan a few party games? This is a great way to entertain the guests and break the ice between those who do not know each other!

Are you hosting an upcoming baby shower? Here are three fun baby shower games you can plan out for all of the guests!

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Don't Say Baby.

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For this game, everyone will start out with one of the three items: a safety pin, clothesline pin, or sticker. This object will be attached to their clothing. The object of the game is for the guests NOT to say the word "baby". If they do, whoever catches them will then take the item from them and stick it to their clothing. This game will continue until the end of the party. The one with the most stickers or pins at the end of the party is the winner of the game.

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Naming Baby Items.

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For this game, everyone will make a list of as many baby items as they can. This can include diapers, wipes, strollers, bottles, cribs, and so on. They must make sure each item is only listed on their list once. The person who has the most baby items on their list is the winner of the game.

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Guess The Items In The Jar.

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For this game, the host will place small baby or baby shower related items into a see-through jar. The host will need to count the amount, write the number down, and keep it in their pocket. The items can include small mints, safety pins, small baby snacks (such as "Puffs"), and more. But only one type of item. When the game is ready, the guest will have to guess the amount of items in the jar. Whoever guess correctly, or comes the nearest to the amount, is the winner of the game.

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When you play these baby shower games, you can choose to give out prizes or just let everyone play for fun. The prizes can include candles, candle holders, hair accessories, bath and body products, or gourmet food baskets. While winning the game and prizes may be fun, the real fun will come in celebrating the new baby and getting to know each other! Have fun playing these baby shower games, and congratulations on the new little bundle of joy!

Image: Pixabay.

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