Best Review - Top 3 Atomic Bomb Stories in Japan


f you are looking for World War 2 stories about Atomic bomb explosions such as the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here are top collection of those stories which will give you an overview of what happened to those who were there. These are the most read stories of Atomic Explosion!

Pikadon stories
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The Development of an Atomic bomb was a head-to-head race with the Germans. But Germany approached defeat and most of their great scientists were escaping the country as early as 1933. On the other hand the American’s two-billion-dollar Manhattan project was on the brink of success. They had successfully developed the most powerful bomb in the world, using nuclear fission as the primary source of energy. Nuclear fission is some sort of splitting an atom’s nucleus into smaller subatomic particles. The process releases a substantial amount of energy that could power a city or even a country. But just months after the breakthrough of nuclear fission, many countries were racing to use the new found discovery in creating weapons for mass destruction.
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The Island of Nuclear Bomb

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After World War II, the United States decided that Bikini Atoll would be suitable for nuclear detonation tests and was selected to be the site of the world's fourth and fifth atomic bomb detonations. The people of US grew worried over the planned testing, some people worried that the bomb's power would be felt all the way back in the United States. Others think the bomb would create a hole in the earth. To help ease these fears, the Navy created several information packets and began broadcasting over "Radio Bikini" in an effort to calm the public's fears and rally support for the tests.
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A world with Nuclear Weapons - Scary truth

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You might be asking how many countries in the World possesses Nuclear Weapons. The answer is 24 thousand or more ( 2010 statistic) not to mention those countries who are secretly creating their own Nuclear Bomb. How powerful this Nuclear bomb? The answer is 10 times the power of those Atomic bombs dropped in Japan. As what I mentioned on my last article," Atomic bombings in Japan - A great mistake", that the used of Atomic bombs and its technology would become the stepping stone for the rest of the world in making their own bombs.
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