Best Review - Top 3 Articles to Help New WebAnswers Members Make Money at WebAnswers


hen you are keen to start making money on the Internet by answering questions at WebAnswers as soon as possible, you can get a little confused in your haste. When you are a new member at WebAnswers getting past the first steps of getting used to how the site works is important. Getting used to WebAnswers and better understanding how you can not only make money on WebAnswers, but also how you can improve your chances of making even more money on WebAnswers should help you make the best use of WebAnswers, and should help you earn more on WebAnswers. Read these 3 articles to more quickly get on the right track to making money on WebAnswers.

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My First 4 Days Trying to Make Money on WebAnswers

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An introduction to what WebAnswers is about, things you may worry about or that may confuse you about how WebAnswers works, and how to learn to relax and just make the best use of the site to start earning money for your efforts at WebAnswers. Your first few days on any site can be very confusing, especially when you are keen to start making money from that site. Slow down a little, learn all there is to know, and save time in the long run. Getting all the learning out of the way first is a good step towards being able to know how to use a site to your best advantage.

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$5 After 11 Days Trying to Make Money on WebAnswers

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The author describes her first earnings from WebAnswers and gives a few tips on how you too could also start trying to make money on WebAnswers, and perhaps do even better than she did in her first 11 days, if you have more spare time available than she does.

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30 Tips to Make More Money Answering Questions on WebAnswers

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30 very useful tips that if taken into consideration and followed, should help you earn more money on WebAnswers. Take the time to go through the tips, use them, and save time on getting to the point where you fully understand how best to utilize WebAnswers for making some decent extra income. Too many people give up too soon when they join a site that can help them earn extra income, and they end up saying that "the site doesn't work," but this may simply be a case of them not doing their homework properly, and not learning how best to use a site. This can be avoided if one notes some tips, and follows them.

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If you like to answer questions and help other people, WebAnswers is a great place to do both, and make some extra income at the same time. First reading the 3 articles will help you reach your goals on WebAnswers more quickly.

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WebAnswers has always been a

WebAnswers has always been a legitimate site and google has always made payments reliably on time. I joined the site back when the average member was easily earning $100 or more per month. I had reached $400 per month by my 7th month on the site.

Unfortunately, problems began with the introduction of the "new" referral program back in January 2011. I posted my first warning of disaster by February 2011. I am sad that time since has proven worse than my predictions.

Way too many members wrote blogs and promotions that exaggerated potential earnings without explaining the real need for quality content. No one went out using the referral program to get the customers to ask any questions, just come and earn easy money. The response was huge, but unfortunately, most who responded to those posts are not able to post quality content. The site was flooded with garbage content and hundreds of low quality members were and still are deleted as their posted junk is detected. Many then turned around and began declaring the site was a fraud or scam even though they were deleted due to their own low quality content.

Unfortunately, the first of the Google Panda Reviews came after much of that content was posted and the site got slapped hard. My own revenue dropped to barely $20 for the month after that first review and has never climbed back to what it once was. Google provided a list of countries as a result of that first Panda program that were banned from Adsense at that time. Many members from those countries lost their Adsense accounts which drove them away from WebAnswers. There has been a huge slide for the entire site since then. It now appears there is no potential for repair or return to the glory days.

There are many online sites that estimate the value of websites. Although they each use their own collection of data and the estimated valuations vary widely, all of them indicate the estimated value of WebAnswers has dropped by well beyond 90% since 2011.

The daily new member signups have consistently dropped by 50% per year since 2010. There are now fewer new daily signups than there were when the site was first launched (55 per day). The current rate (29 per day) is 92% below the site lifetime averages (363 per day). Members join and leave as fast as they join. Barely one person out of every 8550 who join is still interested in the site. The rest are not interested.

The site has a list of 1,035,426 members. 1,035,301 of them are not around. What did they see that you are missing?

I made good money on WebAnswers when it was working as designed. The site is still legitimate, but there is no one who could truly claim the revenue is still worth the time and effort it takes to produce it. I can no longer recommend the site to anyone I know. Use the current downtime to bid farewell to the site and move on to better opportunities.